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You might be a “radicalized rightwing extremist” if…

Great article here by Michelle Malkin. Apparently Obama and his henchmen are so unaware of history they do not know how many times the USA has helped and defended Europe and also Muslims everywhere, and they have no knowledge of the reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts in our own history. This morning I'm going out to purchase some white tee-shirts on which I will iron on the front, "Right Wing Extremist Terrorist", and on the back, "Tea Party Protester".

You might be a “radicalized rightwing extremist” if…

by Michelle Malkin April 16,2009 Creators Syndicate

What and who exactly are President Obama’s homeland security officials afraid of these days? If you are a member of an active conservative group that opposes abortion, favors strict immigration enforcement, lobbies to protect Second Amendment rights, protests big government, advocates federalism, or represents veterans who believe in any of the above, the answer is: You.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has turned her attention away from acts of Islamic jihad on American soil (which she now refers to as “man-caused disasters”). Instead, her department is sounding the alarm over an un-quantified “resurgence” in “rightwing extremism activity.” On April 7, DHS sent a nine-page warning memo to law enforcement offices across the country titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.”

The report includes a sweeping definition of the threat:

“Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

You cannot ignore the context or the timing of this DHS report. It’s no small coincidence that Napolitano’s agency disseminated the assessment just a week before the nationwide April 15 Tax Day Tea Party protests. The grass-roots events organized by fiscal conservatives, independents, Libertarians, and yes, even some blue Dog Democrats were fueled by the “current economic and political climate” of bipartisan profligate spending and endless taxpayer-funded bailouts. The growing success of the loose-knit movement has invited scorn, ridicule, and fear-mongering from Obama’s supporters. Liberal bloggers have likened the Tea Party movement to neo-Nazis, militias, and even Weather Underground terrorists.

These attempts to demonize the Tea Party movement come on the heels of widespread conservative-bashing over the recent shooting sprees in Pittsburgh and Binghamton, New York. Taking Hillary Clinton’s advice to “never waste a good crisis,” left-wing pundits and analysts have blamed the tragedies on everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Fox News to the NRA.

The DHS spokespeople I talked to on Monday insisted that the report was not a politicized document and that DHS had done similar assessments on “leftwing extremism” in the past. But past domestic terrorism reports have always been very specific in identifying security threats – such as the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front – and very specific in identifying their methods and targets, including repeated physical harassment, arson, and vandalism against pharmaceutical companies, farms, labs, and university researchers.

By contrast, the Obama DHS report is an overarching indictment of conservatives. “Rightwing extremist chatter on the Internet continues to focus on the economy, the perceived loss of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors, and home foreclosures,” the assessment warns. When I asked DHS spokeswoman Sara Kuban to explain who was responsible for this “extremist chatter,” she could not and would not name names.

Moreover, the report relies on the work of the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center to stir anxiety over “disgruntled military veterans” – a citation which gives us valuable insight into how DHS will define “hate-oriented” groups. The SPLC, you see, has designated the venerable American Legion a “hate group” for its stance on immigration enforcement. The report offers zero data, but states with an almost resentful attitude toward protected free speech: “Debates over appropriate immigration levels and enforcement policy generally fall within the realm of protected political speech under the First Amendment, but in some cases, anti-immigration or strident pro-enforcement fervor has been directed against specific groups and has the potential to turn violent.”

Potential to turn violent?” So did the hysterical fervor whipped up by Capitol Hill over the AIG bonuses, which prompted ugly death threats from across the country. No mention here, though. Not “rightwing” enough. Nor will you see Obama DHS warnings to police and sheriff’s departments about self-proclaimed bank terrorists such as Bruce Marks of the aggressive Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America or the mob activists of ACORN who have committed burglary, stormed corporate executives’ homes, and vowed to conduct “civil disobedience” by “any means necessary” in response to the “current economic and political climate.”

If you can redefine dissenting opinion as “hate,” you can brand your political opponents as “extremists” – and you can marginalize electoral threats. “Antigovernment?” “Pro-enforcement?” “Disgruntled?” Feeling taxed enough already and “recruiting” and “radicalizing” your friends and neighbors through “chatter on the Internet?”

We are all rightwing extremists now. Welcome to the club.


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At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article. MSBN, NBC, ABC and CNN has added labels to this group as racist, anti-government, traitors , sadists and depraved (I never knew what teaballing or whatever it is until I heard it from these perverse stations). These tactics are exaactly the same tactics that Hitler used to describe the Jews just before Kristalnacht. It is just hate filled meant to polarize the nation and promote an insurrection so that now they can take our arms away, kill some of us and jail as many as they please in an attempt to beat us into submission to the socialists. Homeland Security has now taken on the role of a terrorist. They have meant to initimidate us....well America is this the 'CHANGE' you voted for??? We have a bunch of sickos running this country.

At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Joe Alves Jr. said...

I don't like Obama and I don't care what color he is. I'd have been happy with Michael Steel or Allan Keyes, two brilliant black men who support the same traditional values as I support. Look at the fool that Obama just picked for a Pentagon adviser, a Los Angeles Times far left loon columnist who just happens to be an America hater. Can you imagine having an America hater with access to top secret pentagon classified information? This really blows my mind. How about the judge that Obama just appointed? This guy has said "No to Jesus and yes to Ala." What a freaken' joke, pardon my French! How about we get Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn a job at the Pentagon too? Surely there has to be some nice jobs in our federal government for Saul Alinski, Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Rezko! So the general thinking of these Liberal wackos in the elite news media is; if you don't like Obama, you're a racist. I don't like Barney Frank, so I must be a Homophone, right? Bernie Madoff or Barney Frank? What's the difference? But these idiots in the media don't want to see this because he's one of them and Heaven forbid that we should say anything bad against them, even if it happens to be true. I'm sick and tired of all of them! I not only hate Democrats, but I'm even starting to hate Republicans! Why would anyone support a party with four or more RINOs in it? Not me! Russ, where can I buy those iron on decals? I'm ready to wear my T shirt right now and walk into the Taunton Daily Gazette with it on. Oh, by the way, some idiot Gazette columnist wrote an article in yesterday's paper denigrating the Tea Party. I didn't even read it all. I probably would have wanted to throw up on it, but this is typical of these Left Wing ideologues. When you see stuff like that, you just consider the source.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Ronbo said...

I think the latest remarks from the DHS Obama worshipper and lesbian Leftard are yet another indication this country is heading towards a second civil war.

We have once again become two nations with compromise no longer possible.

Interesting that Governor Perry of Texas remarked recently that his state could secede from the Union.

My thinking is that if this current economic crisis ends in a full blown Great Depression with 25% or more of the work force thrown off the job and out of their homes and on to the street --
A radicalized middle class may well turn violently against the neo-Marxist regime of President Obama.

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Lee Baum supports your efforts!


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