Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should Tea Party Protesters Support a Third Party?

Some of the thousands of people who were at the tea parties Wednesday probably voted for Obama because of the deceptions of his campaign and also because they saw little difference between him and Senator McCain. The fact that in mid-September a secret group started a massive run on bank money-market deposits that would have crashed our banking system if it were not stopped did not help McCain either.

Let’s face it, Senator McCain is not a conservative. The one thing that came through loud and clear Wednesday was that Tea Party protesters want a return to conservative values in matters of government, no matter whether it be through the efforts of conservative Democrats or by conservative Republicans. Realistically, however, with Obama, Pelosi and Reid holding complete power, these changes can only come about by electing conservative Republicans or by supporting a third party. My view is that the record of successful third parties is dismal, and supporting them only ends up strengthening the party in power. This means that what is really needed is to rid the Republican Party of liberal, big spenders and get conservative Republicans back into power in 2010. In the meantime, pressure on Blue Dog Democrats to join existing Republicans can slow down the Obama freight train that is taking us down the path to collectivism.

For 2012, one of the most important things that Tea Party supporters can do to make things better for America is to work to change the presidential primary process so that liberals do not select the Republican candidate again. By the time that primaries were held in important states like Florida, the contest was over, and McCain was the winner.

The reason that this happened was that in earlier caucus and open primary states, like New Hampshire and South Carolina, liberals and independents voted for McCain and sealed conservatives off from any chance of winning the nomination. I would go so far as to try to get the Republican National Committee to refuse to recognize or seat any delegate from caucus or open primary states. This is hardball, but hardball is what we need right now. This is war.

"Recent proof: In the 2008 presidential primaries, exit polls prove John McCain failed to win a single race among registered Republican voters in open primaries up to Super Tuesday, yet during that same period he went from also-ran to front runner because most non-Republicans who crossed over voted for him. In New Hampshire, Romney won among registered Republicans, but McCain won overall. Likewise, in South Carolina, Huckabee won among registered Republicans, but McCain won the state." Human Events


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At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

John McCain to my estimation was a bitter disappointment, and he continues to be that to this day even after he lost the election. He's wimpy, and he's a Liberal in Republican clothes, What's more, he is and always will be, a weasel. Having to vote for him last November was like stabbing myself with a dull spoon, but I, like most people with any common sense, saw McCain as the lesser of two evils. Thompson would have been great, he sounded good, and he seemed to represent Conservative values, but "where's the beef?" He fizzled right out. One has to wonder. Was he really serious when he threw his hat in the ring? Romney? Well he was OK, but he did a few stupid things in Massachusetts, and he gave his Lieutenant Governor no help whatsoever in her quest for his slot over the idiot that we have now in the governor's seat. So much for Mr. Romney. Sure, he's a smart guy and he would have probably done a better job as President of the United States than this banana republic Socialist dictator that we have now. I don't care what anyone says, but I like Mike Huckabee. I liked him back then, and I still like him now. What he says makes sense to me. If he appeared to have a few Liberal twists when he was governor of Arkansas,--at least he didn't associate with known terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. I'm certain that Mike doesn't know any ministers who uses God's name in vane in from of a church congregation. I totally agree with you Russ. A third party in this country is a waste. What the GOP needs to do is withhold money from people like Olimpia Snow, Susan Collins, John McCain, and Arland Spector. There's no way in heck that I'll ever support the GOP or even join them, with the likes of these people in that party. If they become independent or cross the isle, so be it. The GOP needs to come back to conservative values. There is just no in between as far as I'm concerned.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger "Joker" said...

I basically agree with Joe, except I was for Guiliani instead of Huck. I know that Rudy holds some liberal views, but in my opinion the most important quality in a leader is the ability to calmly handle crisis. Second to that would be strong executive ability - being able to pick good people to be in your inner circle, and get them to produce results for you.

People can say whatever they want about Rudy's bad marriage, his stand on abortion, and so on and so forth. I watched that man very closely as 9/11 unfolded around him. I saw him standing there watching the jumpers, and then calmly continuing on with doing his job. The man showed grace under fire like I've never seen in a civilian leader. When you add that to his record as mayor of NYC, arguable the 2nd most important elected office in this country, the choice to me seemed clear. What left me flabbergasted was the stupid decision to not compete hard and fast right out of the gate. Dismissing Iowa and NH to "wait for Florida" was a huge mistake; I was more than disappointed.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger René O'Deay said...

How about third party called: The Tea Party?

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Ronbo said...

A Second American Revolution is what we need...A quick and dirty way of getting rid of millions of Leftards who are traitors and parasites!


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