Friday, January 09, 2009

Obama Has Sentenced My Grandchildren to Death

This great and wonderful nation has survived many disasters and near-defeats. It will survive the appointment of the corrupt and inexperienced Hillary Clinton to head the State Department. It will survive the appointment of the One-Worlder, Susan Rice, to be our Ambassador to the United Nations. We may not survive, and our grandchildren and their children WILL not survive the appointments of Leon Panetta to head the CIA and Eric Holder to be the nation’s Attorney General.

One thing that President Bush got right was his recognition of the threat to our safety posed by the Islamic fundamentalists who want to kill us. His decisions to go into Afghanistan, employ intensified surveillance techniques and rough questioning, and also remove the menace of Saddam have kept us safe for seven years – years when every person with a brain expected the next disaster to be imminent.

I have tried to limit my criticism of Obama since his election, because he will be our next President and needs our support in meeting the crises we face as a nation and as a people, but these appointments show his utter lack of understanding of the seriousness of the threat militant Muslims pose to us or of his understanding of what it will take to keep this threat contained until it fades into the background – which may take a generation or two to accomplish.

In politicizing the CIA by appointing Leon Panetta, who knows nothing about intelligence matters, and in ignoring Eric Holder’s role in the disastrous decision made in the Clinton years to separate the CIA and the FBI from sharing intelligence, Obama has sentenced my grandchildren and/or their children to a fiery death from terrorist bombs. This makes me very angry. Democrats who say they are patriotic and/or conservative must join with Republicans to oppose these appointments.

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At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I'm with you on this. Both Holder and Panetta should be barred from these positions.

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Skarbutt said...

At best Obama is ignorant of what he is doing. If that were the case, I could possibly view him as something less than an enemy. I, however, believe with a certainty it is something much more malevolent and that he is working by design to fulfill a global-Marxist agenda. In his administration, the CIA is no longer be seen so much as a agency to protect us from foriegn threats, but rather, it will be a tool to be used against political enemies of the world-state. The AG's office will focus on political and social enimies here at home. Alas, HG Wells's Open Conspiracy comes into its own, although the outcome is more likely to be a Brave New World Order with feet of clay rather than the imagined simi-Utopia Wells envisioned.

Prepare your hearts dear ones.


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