Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Again Liberals of the World Condemn Israel

In the summer of 2006, after Iran’s surrogate, Hezbollah, had repeatedly rained missiles into Israel from Lebanon – and then killed and kidnapped some Israeli soldiers, the world condemned Israel for retaliating to stop the missile attacks and recover her soldiers. Now again, after continuous provocation by the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, who sneak into Israel to plant bombs and kill people and who also hurl missiles daily into Israel, Israel is again being condemned by the anti-Semites of the world for defending herself.

If a country on our border, like Mexico, were to launch missiles into the United States, we would respond with overwhelming force. I have never understood how the Israelis could accept these constant, deadly attacks without launching a response designed to drive every Palestinian in Gaza into the desert or into the sea. The restraint shown by Israel is incredible, but seems to gain them little or nothing from those who instinctively hate them. Why do they continue to show such restraint?

Possibly one reason for Israel’s restraint may be the responses by Egypt and Jordan this time. They have had enough of the death and destruction which define the Palestinians:

Egypt: Hizbullah declared war on us

Dec. 28, 2008 THE JERUSALEM POST (Excerpts)

“In a press conference held on Monday afternoon in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit responded to criticism by Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday, saying that "They have practically declared war on Egypt via several satellite stations. The Egyptian people reject and opposes this declaration."

"They want for there to be chaos in Egypt as there is in their country," Gheit said of Hizbullah….

In his televised speech on Sunday, Nasrallah attacked Arab nations - particularly Egypt and Jordan - and accused them of cooperation with Israel in its offensive in the Gaza Strip.

"There are some who speak of Arab silence, but this is wrong. There is full Arab cooperation, especially by those who have signed so-called peace agreements with Israel," he said.

The Hizbullah leader called on Arabs everywhere to go out into the streets and demonstrate, in order to force their governments to stop the Israeli offensive.
Nasrallah reprimanded Egypt for casting the responsibility of the condition in Gaza on Hamas.

He attacked the Egyptian foreign minister who in a Saturday press conference said that Hamas, which had been repeatedly warned by Egypt, must bear responsibility for the current situation in Gaza.” Jerusalem Post

Contrast the measured and realistic response of Egypt and Jordan with this excerpt today from the liberal “American Prospect”:
“No deaths and few injuries. "Deeply disturbing." Hamas lacks the technology to aim its rockets. They're taking potshots. In response, the Israeli government launched air strikes that have now killed more than 280 Palestinians, injured hundreds beyond that, and further radicalized thousands in the Occupied Territories and millions in the region. The response will not come today, of course. It will come in months, or even in years, when an angry orphan detonates a belt filled with shrapnel, killing himself and 25 Israelis. At which point the Israelis will launch air strikes killing another 70 Palestinians, radicalizing thousands more, leading to more bombings, and so the cycle continues….

There is nothing proportionate in this response. No way to fit it into a larger strategy that leads towards eventual peace. No way to fool ourselves into believing that it will reduce bloodshed and stop terrorist attacks. It is simple vengeance. There's a saying in the Jewish community: "Israel, right or wrong." But sometimes Israel is simply wrong.” American Prospect

Of all the mush-headed, liberal positions that reasonable people have to contend with, none is more odious than their support of Palestinian terrorists. It has been 61 years since the UN recognized Israel’s right to exist. When will these murderers get it, and when will liberals get it?

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At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Liberals, like Palestinians, are stupid. They just can't understand that by catering to murderous thugs like Hizbullah, they are only cutting their own throats. Do they really think that these head-choppers will ever look in favor on them? This isn't going to happen. Our biggest problem today is Iran, and I believe that things will eventually come to a head. When this happens, maybe the world will get a break from all this terrorism.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger René O'Deay said...

"It seems that the "disproportionate response" crowd criticizing Israel has driven some pundits to distraction--and sarcasm." Preposterous Proportions?


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