Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Blunders of Previous Liberal Presidents

A liberal friend asked me why I am so afraid of an Obama presidency. My answer was to point out the incredible damage our country has suffered and is still suffering from due to the blunders of previous liberal presidents. These blunders sometimes take years to become apparent and decades or generations to overcome. I don’t know if we will ever get over the damage caused by Kennedy and Johnson’s Vietnam adventure. President Carter’s naive blunder and foolishness concerning Iran substituted a dictator who supported us with ones who hate us, and unleashed the fury of Muslim terrorism on an America they now saw as weak and cowardly.

The housing and mortgage crisis may have been facilitated by the greed of home speculators, lenders and Wall Street financial institutions, but the framework for this disaster was put in place by Presidents Carter and, especially, Clinton who pushed for and appointed cronies to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to force lenders to give loans to deadbeats.

Ignorant morons may still be out there protesting the Iraq War, and President Bush might have been more popular after 9/11 if he had wrung his hands and did nothing else but shed crocodile tears very publicly as did President Clinton after other terrorist attacks, but Bush’s policies showed the Arab world that America can and will respond with devastating force, and, together with his surveillance programs, President Bush has stopped Muslim terrorism on American targets in its tracks.

Only our grandchildren will know if the establishment of a democratic society in the middle of a 7th century group of cultures will take hold and flourish. One sure thing: if Obama does what he says he will do, and if he responds to foreign crises as did Carter and Clinton, our grandchildren will not live in the freedom and prosperity we have, if they are alive at all.


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