Friday, October 17, 2008

We Are In a Fight for our Very Lives and Freedoms

As we look at the housing and mortgage scandals arising out of radical socialist programs (and dishonesty on Wall Street) and at the corruption of ACORN and other liberal groups dedicated to electing Democrats by any means necessary, conservative and traditional Americans who love their country and are proud of its history are at a marked disadvantage.

We looked on with dismay as Democrats tried every way they could to defeat American troops who were fighting to rid the world of Saddam and plant a democracy in the center of a middle east dedicated to a death culture better suited to the seventh century; and we tried, but failed, to understand how the New York Times could reveal the existence of a surveillance program aimed at foreign terrorists. This was treasonous behavior on the part of the Times, but it was supported by most Congressional Democrats.

What we fail to understand, and perhaps never will, is that we face two categories of domestic enemy: one group that hates this country, its traditions and its history, and another group who may love their country, but believe it is fatally flawed and unfair. They form two wings of the Democratic Party, and, together with some old-fashioned progressives, they always work off the same page.

Although conservative Republicans have a few crazies in their midst, these crazies comprise a tiny minority who never have their views picked up and run in the mainstream press. On the other side are millions of liberal Democrats who believe that we traditionalists are evil people, and that ANY behavior, even criminal activity, is justified to defeat us. They are not upset by the revelations about ACORN or the roles of Obama, Dodd and Frank in the mortgage crisis; they are only upset that these revelations might slow down their reach for more power. These are the same people who, with Obama stickers on their cars, keep trying to run me off the road because my car has a McCain-Palin bumper-sticker. These people hate us and want us dead. This is what they wanted for President Bush, VP Cheney and Tony Snow. This is what they want for anyone who does not agree with them.

Now Joe the plumber is being slimed and smeared by Obama’s people and by the entire press corps, just because he dared to ask a question to which Obama’s answer laid bare his radical socialism; we have to fight back just as we fought back when Sarah Palin was similarly slimed, and is still having the most outrageous lies told about her.

I hate to say this, but it is entirely possible to me that a second civil war may lie ahead of us. I know that I am not willing to give in to their plans for us, and that my hatred for them has now approached their hatred for me and for people like me; and most of the people I know feel much the same way.


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At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Mason said...

Excellent article Russ. The little demigods have divided our country..they call Bush a lair and dumb, well now there is sufficient informtion to call Obama a bigger lair and the biggest Chicago thug there ever was. He reminds me of OJ Simpson, he'll say anything to get elected. He's lying through his teeth about taxes because he includes gorvrnment rebates to people who don't pay taxes. The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article on this in yesterdays paper and fully 40% of Americans don't pay taxes.(Liberals don't read the Wall Street Journal...they don't understand it) We have a bunch of very stupid people in this country that are letting thier hate for Bush replace logic or common sense. Yes I hope there is a revolution in this country we need it, only I am too old to do anything about it. But I suspect there will be a rebellion once Obamas lies catch up with him. May God Save this Country Obama won't. Unfortunately the Liberals hate has also driven me to dispise them.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger René O'Deay said...

Some action you can take:

Why not?


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