Friday, September 26, 2008

Some Short Takes On Recent History

1. There would not have been any massive housing bubble leading to disaster if Democrats did not pass legislation requiring banks to give mortgages to people who had no way to pay them back or no intention of paying them back Please remember the Community Redevelopment Act, a minority lending bill first pushed and created by Jimmy Carter and revved up by President Clinton by appointing his cronies to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with orders to instruct banks to issue many more of these mortgages under threat of fines if they did not do so.

2. There would not have been a mortgage meltdown if not for the antics of James Johnson, Franklin Raines, Janet Reno and Jamie Gorelick, Democrat operatives who ran and ruined Fannie Mae, and then ran off with millions in bonuses and golden parachutes. Raines and Johnson are top policy advisors to Barack Obama, who received more contributions from Fanny and Freddie than any politician other than Chris Dodd.

3. The Jamie Gorelick mentioned above is the same Jamie Gorelick who is the only person named by the 9/11 Committee as responsible for the intelligence failure that lead to 9/11 when she erected a wall between intelligence agencies for reasons of political correctness. Her reward was a lucrative position with Fannie Mae.

4. Senator McCain co-sponsored a bill to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under control in 2005. The bill was killed by the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Chris Dodd, now the Chairman of that committee.

5. We would probably not have $4.00 a gallon gasoline if the Democratic Party had not passed many legislative prohibitions against domestic drilling and domestic refineries. What drilling efforts that were attempted were also effectively stopped by lawsuits filed by supporters of the Democratic Party.

6. The failure to enact a new moratorium on domestic drilling is as much a sham as was the recent attempt to pass an energy bill that was publicly touted by Speaker Pelosi as a bill allowing drilling, but was really a bill to restrict it even further. Democrats fully expect to retain the Congress and win the Presidency, which will allow them to restrict drilling even more than they have in the past. This time, they figure, there will not be a threat of a Presidential veto of such a bill.

7. The Democrats won the Congress in 2006 on a message of change. The changes we have seen are: increase in unemployment, the housing collapse, the credit market collapse, and no substantive legislative initiatives. What we have seen are almost two years of investigations, false charges, stalling tactics and hindrance and intimidation. The only thing that has gone well is the War on Terror, despite efforts by this Congress to undermine this effort and cause us to lose in Iraq.


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At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Harry Reid and the Democrats are continuing to play their silly games instead of coming together and providing a sensible bailout plan that will not only fix the problem but recoup some of that money back so the taxpayers aren't left holding the bag. If I had my way, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuck Schummer, along with the other fools who took advantage of everyone, would be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. It's plain to see that Barack Obama is all about himself and only himself, and not the people. What really irks me about this is that the American People are stupid and gullible enough to be conned by Harry Reid the obstructionist, who has been doing absolutely nothing but sitting at these crucial meetings pointing fingers and playing sneaky tricks in an effort to get Obama elected. He's doing the same thing with the oil drilling talks. Like the Fascist Marxist that he is, he has no intention of going along with the 75% of the people in this country who want drilling, and if he can keep stalling these talks and putting up road blocks until Obama wins the election, we'll never have oil drilling in this country. I've come to hate these Liberals because they are just power hungry hacks who only think of themselves and nobody else. I share your pain Russ. I really do.

At 9:38 AM, Blogger RenĂ© O'Deay said...

What helped cause this economic meltdown was a lot more insidious than that.
Time to crack Obama's ACORN. No credit? No stable income? No problem. Let's do it again, Sucka!


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