Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Real State of the Nation

George Will’s comments that the actual unemployment rate was over 11% if you take into account those who have given up looking for work (and about 13% if you count those working part-time who would like to work full-time) led me to consider the following:

At the time President Obama was inaugurated in January, 2009, the following facts obtained:

 1.   Price of gasoline was $1.87 per gallon  (now $3.31)

 2.   Number employed  was 154,650,00  (now 144,775,000)

 3.   Number of possible workers not in labor force was 80,177,000  (now 91,463,000)

 4.   The situation in Iraq – peaceful with a large force of American combat soldiers keeping the peace; now chaos.

 5.   The situation in Egypt – peaceful with Mubarek protecting Christians and the peace accord with Israel; now chaos with Muslims killing 100’s of Christians almost daily and burning down their churches.

 6.   The situation in Syria – relatively peaceful; now total war and chaos, with Russia now exerting a leadership role.

 7.   The situation in Iran, working toward nuclear weapons, but many years away; now rushing toward nukes after USA suspends many sanctions.

 8.    Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Israel – good friends and allies; now all distrustful and moving away from USA orbit.

 9.    The IRS was considered to be an independent, non-corrupt organization; now the center of the biggest domestic scandal of Obama administration – possibly leading to impeachment.

 10. The government of the USA had never before given         weapons to Mexican criminals; now both Mexicans and Americans murdered with guns from Operation Fast and Furious.

 11.When an American embassy was under attack, American forces were sent to the rescue; now the scandal of Benghazi.

 12.More than 6 million more Americans had healthcare insurance than today.

13.Two million people who were able to apply for Obamacare have opened themselves up to identity theft.

14.Medicare patients were able to receive medical treatment without long delays.

 15.The two politicians most responsible for the housing crash, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, wrote the legislation to prevent future crashes.  The main result of the Dodd-Frank law has been to shut down lending.

16.Income inequality has worsened significantly despite the constant demagoguery by Obama on the subject.

17. The President enforced laws passed by Congress; now President Obama enforces only those parts of laws with which he agrees, and he illegally issues new laws without Congressional action.



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