Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spitting in the Wind

My readers know that on one aspect of the liberal world view, this conservative is in agreement – the increasing and destructive disparity of incomes and wealth in America, although I do not support the various schemes for redistribution that President Obama keeps pushing.

As I have pointed out, the major reason for the disparity is globalization, and the loss of good-paying factory jobs to foreign workers.  I understand the theories of absolute and comparative advantage, but history shows a rush to “free trade”, and little attempt by past administrations to combat the wholesale transfer of American industries overseas.

Having come to this understanding, my own little fight has been to cut way back on my shopping at Walmart, which has decimated “main street” with its offerings of cheap goods made in Asia.  I wish, somehow, to combat the swindle whereby we have traded good jobs for the privilege of buying cheap goods.

There is another, similar battle going on – the decimation of brick and mortar retailers by online sellers.  I already raised the ire of many readers by supporting the collecting of state sales taxes from all online sales.  We need to protect the revenue sources of our states, and we need to slow down the bankrupting of local stores where we can touch and feel products and get service when we need it.  We have already lost many retailers, and it appears that Radio Shack, J C Penny, Toys or Us and several others are poised to go under.

I’ll be accused of being a reactionary, I’m sure, and this is almost certainly a losing battle, but if Congress passes the online sales tax bill and delivery costs keep escalating, perhaps this trend can be slowed.

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