Friday, October 12, 2012

The Weird Debate

When I say, “weird”, I am talking about the strange antics and expressions on the face of VP Joe Biden all through his debate with Paul Ryan. Biden’s smug grin and 82 interruptions of Ryan, most made while Ryan was in mid-sentence, were beyond weird. Biden’s expression was so off-putting that several times I left the debate for a moment to get over it.

Not only that, but Biden started the debate by lying about the fiasco in Libya. (Either that, or our entire national security apparatus needs to be chucked out and replaced.) We are way beyond believing the story that the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Stephens, who suffered a horrible death involving beating, torture and rape, was a spontaneous uprising over an amateur video.

The most disturbing fact about the debate is how the mainstream press is handling it. No-one with an open mind can possibly say that Biden won the debate. The best you can say is that it was a tie. However, in looking at Real Clear Politics this morning I find that the NY Times, the Washington Post and Salon called Biden the clear winner, while Politico published two articles about how Biden bested Ryan.


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At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Biden was full of crap when he said that no one has ever initiated tax cuts that worked. It's a pure fact that Jack kennedy,Ronald Reagan and George W.Bush have all initiated tax cuts that have worked.
Joe biden was not only rude, but he was very disrespectful to Paul Ryan in that debate. If anyone came out a winner in this debate it was Joe Biden's dentist.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. I'd like to point out that for months Obama machine tried to portray Romney in many negative lights...the American people used the (Romney) debate to get to know him and make their judgement. We all know what they decided. I suspect the same thing will happen after the Ryan debate, and this will only add to the Romney momentum. Not only was Biden childish, unprofessional, annoying, distracting and rude, but he came across in much of the debate as desperate.
On that note, I'd add that Obama and his henchmen have also appeared desperate ever since the debate. They thought they had this in the bag, now they know they have a fight. Really Mr President, you lost that debate because you were too polite? That's the latest that you're going with??



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