Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Energetic Statements of Misinformation

In last night’s debate, President Obama was much more energized than in the first debate, but continued to make statements that are just not true. Here are a few of them:

He said Planned Parenthood performs mammograms. It does not.

He claimed that he labeled the disaster in Libya as terrorism. He did not. He blamed the stupid video for the attack in Benghazi, and only made a general reference to terrorism eight paragraphs into his statement. He kept blaming the video for almost two weeks after the attack.  (This is in addition to the question of why requested security was not provided.)

He criticized Romney’s tax rate, comparing the tax rate on investment income to a middle-income, EARNED income tax rate. In fact Romney has already paid an income tax on the income he invested, as have all of us investors.

He took credit for increases in energy production that are the direct result of licenses and decisions made by George Bush. Obama’s administration has actually reduced the number of licenses granted for drilling on public lands.

Obama's mammogram misinformation (updated)

Matt C. Abbott October 17, 2012 American Thinker

It's no secret that President Obama supports abortion-on-demand. And, of course, he wants us taxpayers to help fund abortion via Planned Parenthood. In fact, he'll even be less than truthful (imagine that!) in an attempt to portray the abortion giant as an organization that cares about women's health.


President Barack Obama has, once again, misled Americans when it comes to the issue of Planned Parenthood and what legitimate health care it does or doesn't provide. During Tuesday night's debate, Obama falsely claimed the abortion company does mammograms. It does not.

'There are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings,' Obama claimed....

Planned Parenthood itself has admitted that it does not perform mammograms for women-something the Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity confirmed last year....

But, hey, what are a few lies here and there when it comes to protecting the libertine left's "sacrament" of abortion?

Update from Keith Riler:

Catholic women, please take note:

1. In the second debate President Obama was very clear. He supports taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and highlighted that support four times during the debate.

2. That means he wants you to fund Planned Parenthood.

3. Planned Parenthood performs 330,000 abortions annually. That's more than any other abortion provider and 25-30% of all US abortions.

4. The funds Planned Parenthood receives and the abortions it commits are strongly connected. There is a 99% correlation between Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding and its abortions.

5. Therefore, the President's policy will cause you to pay for abortions.

6. Catholic teaching is clear. Human life is sacred from conception to natural death. If we are to have other rights, we must first have a right to life.

President Obama was very clear. He is forcing you to choose - Barack Obama or your faith.

Please choose wisely.


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