Thursday, February 04, 2010

Some Reflections on the Iraq War

I still hear lots of people saying that the Iraq War was stupid, not necessary and not related to Islamic fundamentalism. They also contend that President Bush was wrong to involve us in that war.

The problem with the people who say this is that not only do they continue to ignore the multiple reasons for the incursion that have been discussed ad infinitum (belief Saddam had WMD, violations of the terms of Desert Storm, attempt to assassinate Bush 41, multiple violations of UN edicts, the oil-for food scandal, etc., etc.), but also that these critics have much too short a time span.

For those who know history and are somewhat aware of world and national events, it is well established that we are at war with thousands and thousands of Islamic fundamentalists who wish to destroy us and to establish an Islamic caliphate which will rule the world and impose the Sharia on the rest of us. These terrorists exist and are supported by millions of Muslims who are peaceful, but live in a seventh century world of ignorance, superstition and barbarism. These Muslims and the terrorists among them exist largely in Arab countries that are all ruled by despots who desperately want to keep their people in their present state forever. Only through the development of democratic institutions and modern technology can the present situation in these Arab countries ever change for the better.

If things do not change, we will continue in this war forever – or until some of these crazies acquire and use nuclear weapons to kill us and bring us down. We all look with dismay at the barbaric exhibitions seen daily in the Gaza Strip, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and in other Arab countries. Does anyone think these madmen would hesitate a moment to use such weapons?

As it is, it will probably take us 100 years to change these dynamics; and nothing would have changed until and unless a major country in the middle of the Arab world became a democratic country with modern technology – acting as an example and as a beacon to the rest of the Arab world. To win this war we must achieve three goals: 1. find and kill the terrorists before they kill us, 2. encourage the development of modernization in the Arab world, and, 3. use any and all means to stop the further spread of nuclear weapons technology.

Citizens of the United States and the west in general owe a huge debt of gratitude to former President George Bush for his perception of the 3-part strategy needed to keep us safe and win this war, and for plopping a democratic state, Iraq, which is rapidly modernizing, right in the middle of the Arab world. He did this despite the ferocious opposition of the leftists and know-nothings of this world who cannot see the consequences of anything. At least now we have a chance to turn the tide as the rest of the Arab world follows Iraq’s lead, modernizes, and turns against the fundamentalists. We can already see this happening in countries like Egypt, Kuwait and Jordan.

If the Arab world does not modernize and rise out of their barbarism and ignorance, we are doomed no matter how many terrorists we kill.


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At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Christopher said...

What a naive article. Things are getting worse for the Coptics in Egypt and Christians are being driven out of Iraq and on top of it Iraq is suing us and the UK. If you think that they are an ally of ours you are kidding yourself. They will stand with Islam over us anyday. When we leave the Sunnis and Shiites will continue their centuries long feud. The region is less stable than before 911 and we are no safer and more Sharia compliant than before 911. The infidel does not get to dictate to Muslims what Islam is and fighting them over there and allowing them to setup shop over here is pointless in the end. Democracy with Muslims has brought Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood etc. into office. It has legitimized terrorist groups. Nation building is a huge failure.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

Your point of view is very short-sighted. The modernization process is well under way in Iraq, but it is going to take 50 - 100 years for Arab states to be brought into modernity. If it does not happen, we in the west are doomed, as a billion Muslims comfortable with barbarity will eventually destroy us.

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you Russ. People need to look at History in periods of hundred's of years going back to what happened in Europe centuries ago with Muslims and Christians.
They should particularly look at the sea Battle of LePonto
Unless they study those sequences and long term results they will not see that "vision".
Yes these battles have been going on for centuries and probably will continue.
If we are not AGGRESSIVE we will be slowly taken over.
Communism attempted to do that by brainwashing our Young people and using Academic's in Universities to spread the "Love" of the Communist movement.
Fortunately President Ronald Reagan along with Pope John Paul II came to power at the same time in history.
I often ponder why poor John Paul ONE died in 30 days. I tend to think it was the Holy Spirit's way of saying to the Cardinal's "This is not the Pope that the World needs at this time. You should pick Karol W.(I forgot how to spell his original last name).
It's also ironic that CAPITALISM is having an impact on transforming CHINA and other countries. We must deal with the Debt issues thought.
WalMart in China could be part of the transformation of that nation !
Sorry I moved in this different direction but I think similarities exist in how men with VISION tackled problems, Whether it was Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or his dad.
Keep the Faith and God Bless

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I would much rather this country continue along with the George W.Bush policies of dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran than Obama flawed policies. He's nothing but a spineless apologist. They're all laughing at him. The difference between George W's leadership and Obama's is that W. had some great advisers around him to consult with on strategic matters on winning a war, and Obama has Marxists, Maoist, and Communists advising him. Obama is more interested in trying to screw the American People than he is in protecting them. Can you imagine what the Left would have done to Bush if he had said "Corpes-man" in a speech? You'd never hear the end of it from them, but they want us to think of Bush as stupid because they say so. I don't buy it. Bush made a decision to go into Iraq and Congress was right behind him. Outside of the fact that he didn't have an exit strategy plan, I think that Iraq and the world in general is a heck of a lot better off without that nut that they removed. At least Bush was his own man and that's more than what I can say for Obama. As I see it, he uses the far Left to draw up Bills and seems to take his marching orders from George Soros.


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