Monday, March 03, 2008

Liberal Blog Baiters

An honest disagreement is one thing, but there is a phenomenon going around the internet, mostly at the expense of conservative bloggers like me, known as baiting.

These are liberals who get some kind of perverse pleasure by visiting conservative blogs and trying to harass them or tie them in knots. Their favorite technique is to seize on some trivial point or side issue and argue with it, completely disregarding the main point of the article. Another technique is to hunt for some reference that disputes something you have said – easy to do in a world where the liberal press is publishing lies daily and where situations change rapidly.

The reason I bring this up is that, over the past few months, this blog has been subject to this kind of harassment, almost on a daily basis, by one or two liberals who spend hours researching and writing baiting comments. They visit my site 5 – 10 times a day looking for responses they can turn into new baiting comments and articles they can attack. They also often resort to name-calling and character assassination, bringing to mind what happened to Ronald Reagan, Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas – and what happens on a daily basis to President Bush, for his efforts to defend this country.

If I have the slightest suspicion that a comment is from such a liberal baiter, it will immediately be deleted without explanation.


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At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm all for that! I ran into the same type of baiting on "The Sails call Lounge" forum, which is part of the "" boating web site. We battled back and forth about everything from the competence of our president, to the War in Iraq. I finally got tired of them and politely bowed out for lack of time to debate them, they pulled every trick in the book to keep me in the debate. There's nothing worse than a mean spirited Liberal, and I found this out. There were some Conservatives on that site who agreed with my arguments. I was stupid to even try to debate these Lefties to begin with. I was also smart enough not to take their bait and stay in it. If I had my own blog, I would do the very same thing that you're going to do which is, delete these fools. Who needs their aggravation?

At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed my friend Norm Hooben in Alabama and asked him if he has had any problems with Blog Baiters, and this is what he said:

They're called "trolls" and they're a big nuisance on many, many, many, websites.
I had one for awhile when I used to post on

The trolls usually have a one-track mind and cannot argue intelligently. Some reduce themselves
to 'name-callers'...that is, if they call you a liar when you are obviously telling the truth, then they are name-callers.
It's not like calling Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton liars, for that's the truth and not name-calling. When you identify
someone for what they are, name-calling is Christ calling them thieves and money-changers when
He cleared out the Temple.

These trolls have a Clinton-like personality in that they do not have a conscience to let them know right from wrong.
It's only right when they say it is and no other can change their ideology. This personality has been around for generations
but has increased geometrically since John Dewy and his Humanist Manifesto followers expanded into not just the
populace, but into the education of our children. Several generations of children have now matured into being Godless, and godless humanists who believe whatever they think is right for the moment. They have no religion and even if they say they do, they do not attend any least not a Christian church. Those that call themselves Christians usually have a much different view of Christianity than you or I. A good example of this is the recent notoriety of
the Westwood Baptists who go around picketing military funerals. These people are trolls also, they disrespect the military and have no sense of nationalism.

All trolls will be voting Democrat and all trolls will be the first to complain once they realize they've been sold-out by
the very people they voted for.



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