Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Will Obama Do When Iran Explodes a Nuclear Device?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg have gone down in history to stand beside Judas as among the world’s most notorious traitors (it wasn’t fair that the US had the atomic bomb but Soviet Russia didn’t). Perhaps someday soon, the liberal holdovers from the Clinton Administration who strongly influenced the publication of the National Intelligence Estimate that Iran had stopped its efforts to develop a nuclear weapons capability will join the Rosenbergs in their special place in hell.

By Ed Lasky December 09, 2007 American Thinker (Excerpt)
What Caused the NIE Reversal on Iran's Nuclear Program?
“The recently-released National intelligence Estimate (NIE) has come in for a round of criticism for its finding that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. This criticism spans the political spectrum. The political left and "doves" have found fault with it, as have Republican senators, who have urged a Congressional Panel be created to review the findings of the NIE. Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton outlined a case "against" the NIE, as has Alan Dershowitz.

Our European allies expressed dismay at the findings and even the Iran-friendly International Atomic Energy Agency expressed discomfort with the tone of the NIE.

"To be frank, we are more skeptical," a senior official close to the agency told the New York Times this week. "We don't buy the American analysis 100 percent. We are not that generous with Iran."

When all these parties can agree on any topic whatsoever there are certainly grounds for curiosity. The NIE conclusions deserve scrutiny. Unfortunately, this analysis has been hampered by the intelligence community's desire to keep their methodology hidden from public view under the pretext that disclosure of their sources of intelligence might imperil them. However, Washington being Washington and the media being the media, bits and pieces of the "logic" behind these findings are coming into the light.

These disclosures should give one pause when it comes to relying on the National Intelligence Estimate in judging the intentions and capabilities of the Iranian regime when it comes to their nuclear weapons program.”

******************** (Excerpt)
Our own “confidence” is not heightened by the fact that the NIE’s main authors include three former State Department officials with previous reputations as “hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials,” according to an intelligence source. They are Tom Fingar, formerly of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Vann Van Diepen, the National Intelligence Officer for WMD; and Kenneth Brill, the former U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).” ….

“Russia’s foreign minister, meanwhile, indicated that the U.S. report’s findings undermined Washington’s push for a new set of U.N. sanctions against Iran.

The U.S. intelligence report released Monday concluded that Iran had stopped its weapons program in late 2003 and shown no signs since of resuming it, representing a sharp turnaround from a previous intelligence assessment in 2005.

“This is a declaration of victory for the Iranian nation against the world powers over the nuclear issue,” Ahmadinejad told thousands of people during a visit to Ilam province in western Iran.”

Iran dismisses nuke documents as fakes
By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Feb 25, 2008 (Excerpt)
“The U.N. nuclear monitoring agency presented documents Monday that diplomats said indicate Iran may have focused on a nuclear weapons program after 2003 — the year that a U.S. intelligence report says such work stopped.”

Ever since the Valerie Plame travesty, where a liberal, anti-Bush mole in the CIA, heavily supported by the drive-by media, tried to undermine the policies of the elected President, we are reminded, again and again, of the dangers that those who hate their own country pose for the rest of us.

Barack Obama, in refusing to honor the flag and our National Anthem, and Michelle Obama, in making it very clear in her speeches what she thinks of this country, have shown just how close to the White House the hate-America crowd has come. Whatever disagreements we have had with Senator McCain, he is America’s only chance for a future secure from nuclear terrorists


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At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear mongering is your game and anyone who disagrees with you hates America. You're a right wing idealogue, Wilcox, with no regard for the truth and no desire to find it, if it differs from your prejudiced opinion.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know truth, if it hit you smack in the face. You are content to be led by the nose by the Liberal elite media, Socialists like George Soros, and the real hate mongers in the NY Times. Russ has dug up this info, and if you disagree with it, then why don't you counter it with your own so-called facts?

At 12:06 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

Fear-mongering, hate-mongerer, vast, right-wing conspiracy - - that's what modern liberals call people who expose their true views on an unfair America that needs to be brought down. Seldom do they refer to facts or history; name-calling and the destruction of reputations are their weapons of choice.


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