Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why they Hate Mitt Romney

Now that Fred Thompson has dropped out, it appears my record in picking someone isn't too good, but I previously said that I would enthusiastically support Giuliani or Romney if Fred dropped out. At this point it is Romney for me. I hope I'm not the kiss of death. Here's an interesting post from the American Thinker:

Why they Hate Mitt Romney
By Amy D. Goldstein, American Thinker, January 23, 2008

Have you noticed how all of the Republican candidates can barely conceal their contempt for Governor Mitt Romney? It goes way beyond the typical good-natured competition that usually is the hallmark of Republican contests. Senator McCain has snarled at Governor Romney in debates and Gov. Huckabee has tried to paint Romney as cold and uncaring, while Sen. Fred Thompson attacked Governor Romney right out of the box. This display of hatred usually is the hallmark of the Democrats.

So, why do the other candidates hate Mitt Romney? Several reasons:

1. He can win. Governor Romney appeals to economic conservatives and could appeal to foreign policy conservatives based upon his understanding of the issues. Most non-partisan foreign policy wonks who have briefed the major candidates tell me that Romney "gets it" better than any other candidate -- even better than those who have held high profile office for decades. Moreover, he is the candidate that the Democrats most fear.

2. Jealousy -- from his hair to his appearance to his family to his money - these are all reasons for deep seeded, if unseemly, jealousy. This green-eyed monster makes its appearance in almost every speech or presentation, in the form of a joke, a jab or a veiled reference.

3. He isn't beholden to interest groups. Governor Romney's wealth frees him from any influence that interest groups could apply to others - especially those who lack funds or who are Washington insiders. He doesn't need them, and that scares the interest groups and their allies. He is not of the game and wants to change it - and his personal wealth allows him to do so. He really can change Washington.

4. His brains - not only is he one of the smartest people ever to seek the presidency (having earned a Harvard MBA and JD simultaneously), but he understands the complexities of the issues that America faces and is able to devise workable solutions. Just look at his proposal for an economic stimulus and compare it to what the other candidates are proposing. Romney clearly can lead this country through economic challenges.

5. His wealth -- again. While he has raised more than any other candidate, Governor Romney doesn't need to raise the money in order to continue. Nevertheless, he understands that successful candidates must have people invested in their candidacy in order to succeed. He has learned the lessons of past wealthy businessmen who make vanity runs for the White House. The other candidates have to constantly raise money in order to continue their campaigns.

6. His experience. The rest of the Republican field has been in politics in one form or another for most of their adult lives. Governor Romney came to public service after having a successful career in which he directly created jobs, saved jobs, invested in new companies and turned around failed businesses. He even fixed both the Olympics and the failing state of Massachusetts. More than any other candidate, Governor Romney's experience is most directly applicable to the average American's situation.
7. He believes that America's best days are ahead of it, and not a memory. Governor Romney is a man of the future, not of the past. He sees America as a beacon of freedom for the entire world, and not a country limping toward its last days. His infectious optimism is informed by his business experience, his love of country and his family values. His can-do spirit is the antidote to defeatism masked as "straight talk" or "reality."

8. His beliefs. When all else fails, Governor Romney's opponents attack his religion in the hopes of sowing fear and loathing. Not only is this unseemly, but it is dangerous. We have seen this type of rhetoric before - in the 1920's and 1930's - from the likes of Henry Ford and Father Caughlin and others who sought to disenfranchise whole segments of the American population. Governor Romney believes in the common American faith of democracy and religious freedom, as he so eloquently stated in his speech "Faith in America." These are the values our Founding Fathers codified in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Why do the Republican candidates hate him? Because they don't have any answers to his challenges. They seek to undermine him by using personal attacks more worthy of a middle school playground than a presidential contest. This is politics and Washington as usual, and choosing any candidate that employs these tactics will only get us more of the same. One would hope that Americans could see beyond these base attacks and choose the candidate who is best for the country - Governor Mitt Romney.

Amy D. Goldstein is an occasional contributor to American Thinker.


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At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt the same way as you did about Fred Thompson. I liked what he said, but it just seemed that he was lacking in the drive that it takes to make a good presidential candidate. Mike Huckabee sounded good when I listened to him, and he's a likable guy, but his record in Arkansas is very questionable. Rudy has some baggage along with John McCain who really can't be trusted. The only one that I can see as a GOP hopeful, is Mitt Romney. I can honestly say that Mitt wasn't the worst Governor that Massachusetts ever had, which will always be reserved for that pork Brained idiot, the "Duke". So it's either Mitt in 08, or sh#% on the Democratic side.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this also. I like Romney and I think he has what it takes. I think he left So carolina to early and that was a costly mistake, he needs to spend and campaign heavily in FL as it may well be the turning point.
I disagree about the point regarding the money and special interests. There is no proof that people with money EVER have enough.
Regardless of Fl and the following superTues, I don't think the base will support John or Huck, Rudy unsure? Rudy might have just waited too long anyway but FL will be key on this issue for him also. Romney needs to hang in there because if Rudy doesn't take ofgf in FL and beyond, he's all we got

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy is a pro choice (baby killer) guy.
That only leaves Romney for those who will never vote for a pro choice candidate.
Although he's not the most exciting candidate, he beats Fred Thompson in that category.
And, in the way politics is played today, Romney has the 3 most important things: money, money, and money.
Sorry to say, that is Huck's weak card.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money is big, but isn't everything. It did not help Romney in Iowa or NH. It never did much for Ross Perot.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot vote for John McCain. The reason why is clear, I don't know who John McCain is. For example, though I have never voted for a democrat in my life, I would know what I was getting with Obama, though I would not vote for him either. Romney is the only candidate that will keep me following the race. If he dwindles out of the race, I will become just another apathetic American, which, I might add, is better than being an involved citizen in any other country in the world. I know we could still change things in another 4 years.

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Sushiboy said...

Ross Perot's money had quite an effect, I think, in splitting the conservative vote and getting Clinton elected. :( 92 was a sad year.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that misses my point, it had no positive effect for his campaign.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Sushiboy said...

I wasn't trying to disagree with you Steve. Sorry to come off sounding contrary. I just meant to say, in my opinion, Perot's money made enough of an impact to pull some voters away from GHW Bush. He had around 20% of the popular vote, a good 18 points lower than anyone else. (Hardly a success) I was just trying to say that Perot's money didn't help him and (speculatively, no way to know for sure) hurt GHW Bush.


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