Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sound Bites From Last Night in NH

The Republicans:

The biggest issue is Islamofascism, and I can best deal with it.

I never said any of those things I said.

The amnesty for illegals I was for was not amnesty.

We should dig a deep hole, pull back all Americans from everywhere, and all jump in.

I’m the only one who turned around businesses, the Olympics, and the state of Massachusetts.

I’m the only true conservative here, and I will apply those principles as president.

The Democrats:

I spent 35 years pulling Bill’s chestnuts out of the fire, so I’m best qualified.

I will destroy the American drug industry even though it has given us all these miracle drugs.

I don’t get specific about anything, but, although I opposed Iraq, I will invade Pakistan.

It’s not my fault.


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At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some weeks after sept 11, when rubble clearing had reached ground level, pools of still molten iron were found.
the temperature of a kerosene fire is not high enough to melt iron

the 47 story building next to the twin towers, in this building was Giuliani's command bunker, was not hit, but collapsed lowest level first

it is highly unlikely that a passenger plane flew into the Pentagon, the hole is far too small, windows next to the hole did not break, no remains of a passenger plane were ever found

it is nonsense that NORAD cannot see planes with the transponder turned off, if this were so during the cold war the USA would have had no defence against USSR bombers

nothing was ever found of the plane said to have crashed in Pennsylvania, in Lockerby every single body was found and identified, and the the remains of the plane were next to complete

so in my opinion it is clear that the Bush official report just is a pack of lies.

until now the only explanation of the molten iron, and also of the collapse of the twin towers, is the use of an explosive called thermite, it contains aluminium and/or magnesium powder, the burning of these metals cause such high temperatures that the iron in reinforced concrete melts

of course the collapse of the 47 story building was controlled demolition, there is no other explanation for the collapse first of the ground floor

both these explanation lead to the inescapable conclusion that the USA government did it herself, there is nothing lunatic about the mentioned facts.

on top of all this, PNAC called for a 'new Pearl Harbour'

there is course is much more, but it adds little to the above picture, let me mention just that many witnesses have stated that the plane that flew into the second tower had no windows

would be Arab suicide pilots do seem to have existed, known is that the FBI did nothing to stop them, one may wonder if CIA agent provocateurs incited them to try this in Germany

the larger picture is that the USA has a long history of sept 11's:
- the 1905 Havana harbour explosion
- the 1917 Lusitiana and the Zimmermann telegram (there of course is no doubt that a German submarine torpedoed the Lusitania, but even Churchill had stated in public that it would be great that something lke this happened, the USA government acted accordingly by encouraging USA citizens to board ships likely to be sunk)
- the 1939 war that began with the German attack on Poland, Roosevelt had prevented negotiations by guarateeing the existence of Poland, this promise, of course, was broken
- dec 7 1941 Pearl Harbour, also Dutch queen in exile Wilhelmina in september 1941 stopped delivering Borneo oil to Japan, when Japan atacked it had oil for just three more months, USA plans to blow up the Borneo oil installations were never carried out
- the Ton Kin Gulf incident that never was, USA navy staff knew quite well at the night of the imagined attacks that N Korea did not have so many torpedoes
- the 1967 Liberty accident that failed

so sept 11 is nothing new, new is just that for the first time the USA regime cold bloodedly killed its own citizens

Delano Roosevelt of course did not know in advance what the effects would be of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, he had not, it seems, anticipated such a destruction and so many deaths

At 4:34 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

It is clear in listening to Ron Paul why he has attracted crazies like you. I hope he doesn't offer you any Kool-Aid to drink.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think on the Republican side Romney and Giuliani were the winners, both stayed above the fray, Rudy acted as peacemaker a couple times and got everybody back on point. He was well spoken and to the point in his attempt to set the record straight to Ron Paul on radical muslim terrorists...Mccain may have been right but sounded petty and unpresidential (more like primary school) in his Romney attacks and barbs while Romney refused to drop to that level. Romney was also fairly effective in drilling down to the details with Mccain on amnesty despite John's attempt to talk over him the whole time. Huckabee did ok but he needed to excel to gain ground in NH...he did not.

On the democrat side, Clinton looked angry AGAIN when she was attacked on change. Obama stayed above the fray and as a result - won. Clinton is losing ground by the minute. People have caught on that she is not a change candidate and her so-called experience is just riding on Bill's. Edwards has nothing left to show.


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