Friday, November 09, 2007

Some More Musings about People, Politics and History

Among other things I serve as Managing Director of my small condominium complex here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I’ve noticed that our complex is quite a reflection of the world in general in its mix of people and their attitudes and characteristics.

A few people here share qualities of thoughtfulness and an understanding of the world; these same people are the ones who volunteer to help with the running and the problems of the condominium. There are exceptions to most generalizations, but, unless they are also pacifists, these workers and volunteers also tend to be conservative Republican in their political leanings.

Most of the owners here do nothing to help with condo operations; they only sit back and complain about what needs to be done or about whatever the few of us have done to maintain and improve our homes. Some of these complainers are absolute cranks who think in disorganized or illogical fashion. The cranks and complainers greatly outnumber the workers; and they also tend to be liberal Democrats. Thankfully, at our annual meetings, the cranks and the complainers never get organized well-enough to defeat the program and the budget put before them, and, reluctantly, they end up voting to maintain condo policies and programs.

The history of the world is reflected here in our complex. Our Founding Fathers were consummate students of history. It was no accident that they assembled a form of government designed to stymie and thwart the current ravings of the mob, while granting the majority the power to make changes gradually over time. This is why they separated powers into legislative, judicial and executive branches; this is why they built delays into the system, and tried to put together responsibility and power.

What do I mean by putting together responsibility and power? Basically two things: the executive (the president) has the sole responsibility to defend the nation and the Constitution; he also has the sole power to commit troops and command the military; also originally only land-owners who paid taxes had the right to vote, and senators were appointed. Gradually, over the years, the right to vote has been extended to everyone – possibly with consequences that will eventually mean the end of our republic.

Any American who studies history – whether ancient history or recent history – should realize three major lessons from history: Lesson 1. You and I and the ordinary working person in this country have a quality of life that in most of the world has been available only to a very few, extremely wealthy persons of royalty. Of the billions of people born since the world began, almost everyone has lived wretched, short lives of incredible poverty and despair. This widespread quality of life you and I have is of recent origin and came about because of the unique qualities of American civilization – freedom, capitalism and inventiveness.

Lesson 2. Every great civilization – the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Spaniards, the Turks and others – every one of them has eventually disintegrated or disappeared. Today we live during the great American civilization. Will it also disappear?

Lesson 3. Virtually all democracies have destroyed themselves by turning over the reins of government and the treasury to the mob. When the takers and shirkers outnumber the workers and producers, the country is doomed. This is what our Founding Fathers were determined to avoid.

Over the years two very dangerous developments have taken place: 1. we have been chipping away at the safeguards put there by our founders, and 2. a class of Americans who hate their country and its traditions has appeared.

Sometimes great civilizations ended because of military defeats, but more often, they ended because of internal decay. For various reasons some Americans are conflicted in subtle and devious ways. They don’t understand history. They don’t understand that American freedoms and American traditions and the bloodshed of American patriots not only provided the wonderful life we have – but have offered hope to all the rest of the world. These people are Americans, but inexplicably they hate America.

Yes we have made mistakes, and sometimes we have been forced to choose the lesser of two evils, but unlike every other civilization, America has always tried to help. After we won World War II, the most terrible war in history, we offered a hand of friendship to our enemies. Instead of ransacking their countries, as all previous victors throughout history had done, we helped them to rebuild and taught them how to live in freedom. However, these people who have this kind of problem don’t see this; they only see the mistakes we have made. They are like some people who, if you give them a rose, will only see the thorns. The problem is, these Americans with this kind of outlook, may be the ones who destroy our civilization – if we let them.

What needs to be done: first, we need to stop cheapening the vote. We need to stop trying to make voting easier, and, instead, repeal motor-voter laws and issue special ID cards to every citizen. Anyone convicted of a felony should lose the right to vote forever.

Second, we need to scale back programs that are depleting the treasury. Medicare is almost broke, and Social Security is headed for disaster. I think passing Part D was a major mistake, and it should be scaled back or repealed. Some Social Security collections should go into private accounts, and AFDC should be made into a temporary, emergency help program.

Third, those who think that the many Americans who want to destroy our traditions and gut our military are acting in good conscience should wake up, The hate-America crowd is just that, and must be confronted and stopped. Their form of mental-sickness should not be allowed to ruin America.

I know these recommendations will be ridiculed by liberal Democrats, but they are basically the problem, and they must be fought and defeated in every election forum that exists.


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