Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Video Report by ABC News on Troop Surge

This favorable report on the effects of the troop surge, which is still far from complete, should give hope to all patriotic Americans, especially since it is delivered by ABC News, not the most supportive of media outlets to the White House. Numbers I have seen indicate a major reduction of violence in Baghdad, although the rest of the country still suffers from major sectarian and terrorist incidents. See it here.


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At 4:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It stands to reason that the more armed force presence that can be sent to a problem area, the less likely these trouble makers will come in and keep everything in chaos, as they have been doing. Maybe we should have done that in the beginning, and stationed a lot of our troops at the borders, while slowing replacing them with Iraqi guards on the borders. The only way to fight these nuts is to meet them head on, right now. We aren't going to accomplish that with the yellow liberal appeasing cowards in Congress who have no stomach for fighting to protect our country. They don't seem to get it through their heads that these Islamo Fascists killed 3000 of our American Citizens!


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