Monday, April 09, 2007

Democrats and Major Media Smearing Again

I’m going to turn around a witty saying attributed to Adlai Stevenson, and say, “when Democrats stop lying about us, I’ll stop telling the truth about them”. I say this because something is happening that reminds me of the attempts to smear Bush 41 for telling the truth about Michael Dukakis granting a weekend furlough to a rapist and killer (Willie Horton) when he was governor of Massachusetts. When Bush people pointed out this absurdity, he was branded a racist because Horton was black.

Now the same thing is happening to a man named Sam Fox, who gave a large contribution to the Swift Boat Veterans so that they could reveal some telling facts about John Kerry. None of the facts brought out by the Swifties about Kerry’s refusal to release his records, his smearing of American veterans of the Vietnam conflict or his convenient lapses of memory about events that supposedly took place in Vietnam – have ever been successfully challenged, and yet, the Swifties have continuously been smeared as liars by Kerry and other Democrats.

Democrats (especially Kerry) now are using this contribution to smear Sam Fox and to try to deny the President his right to appoint Fox to an ambassadorship. These events are particularly meaningful to me because I made a large (for me) donation to the Swifties once I realized that they were honorable men whose statements had the ring of truth to them.

ABC NEWS Smears Swift Boat Veterans for Truth with Slanderous News Article
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Amazing. The canard that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was a “smear campaign” is so well accepted by Big Media that ABC NEWS feels comfortable in portraying the Swifties’ ad campaign as “slanderous” and “smear ads.” These characterizations appear in a “straight” news story about the recess appointment of an ambassador who gave money to the group, and had his nomination nixed by a petty group of Retaliacrats bent on extracting some pathetic, small revenge.

(The first link above is to National Review’s Media Blog. The headline on the actual story has been changed, but the word “slanderous” remains in the body of the article.)

Meanwhile, I have yet to see anyone meet Beldar’s challenge to name a single specific and material statement of fact by the Swift Boaters that has been fully debunked, or shown to be fully unsubstantiated.

Wouldn’t stating material falsehoods be a critical component of a “slanderous” campaign of “smear ads”?

In fact, as I have previously observed, the media often has a worse track record of inaccuracies on this issue than do the Swifties.

By the way, if you are disqualified from government service because you once gave money to an organization that has engaged in slander and smears, that lets out anyone who ever subscribed to the Los Angeles Times. Patterico

In another by the way, the Washington Post on Easter morning also referred to the Swift Boat Veterans as “smearers”. This is what you get when you reveal the left’s dysfunctions. It won’t stop me.

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At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I remember the Willy Horton case, but I do remember that Mike Dukakis let out over 20 sexually dangerous inmates. One of those nuts grabbed a small child as he was walking in a motel lobby behind his mother. This sexually dangerous nut killed the boy with a knife by almost decapitating him in the bathroom of his apartment. I remember reading about this and it really bothered me that this Liberal fool would endanger society by letting these sick killers out of Bridgwater Correctional. I'm pretty sure that there was one other inmate besides this sicky, that re-offended. Today, we have the same problems with both Liberal Democrats in this state, and a few Conservative Republicans in Vermont, who fail to protect our children by not getting "Jessica's Law" passed. This is really pathetic, and it's all about the money and trial lawyers. Mike Dukakis was a poor excuse for a governor of Massachusetts, and thank God he never became President. It's true though. All these Democrats do is smear everyone that doesn't agree with them. People need to see them as liars and two-faced Hippocrates. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, their antics would have been likened to lying Communists, and their credibility would have suffered for it. Today, we have some gullible fools who believe every word they say, and that's so sad.


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