Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You Can Help Save America, See How

My regular readers know how disturbed I am that the far left has taken over many of our colleges and universities and even penetrated our public schools. Their cause is to teach our children that all other cultures are superior to ours, that we have stolen from others the wealth that we enjoy, and that we have no right to defend our values, our interests or even our lives. This ‘hate-America’ doctrine largely explains why so many Americans are unconcerned about illegal immigration, why our culture is being destroyed, why some do not take the Islamic threat seriously, and why so many are out to destroy Christmas – among other things. These people brook no challenges; they try to destroy anyone who questions them.

I started this weblog to try to combat these poisonous teachings, and many others are also trying to counter this madness before we lose our country. Most of us feel that we are trying to hold back the wind in our efforts, but now, something important may be happening, and you can help, too.

A movie called, “Indoctrinate U”, has been made that tries to document in a video format just what has been happening on campuses across the U.S.A. The producers are trying to build public support for it to be shown in theaters – something that is being mightily resisted. Please go to their website and sign up to say you would like an opportunity to see this movie in your community. There is no obligation. Go here to sign up and also see a trailer for the movie, if you wish.

The movie, Indoctrinate U was discussed on Hannity and Colmes. Go here to see a video of that discussion.

Maybe we won't feel so helpless the next time we hear that the ACLU is demanding the firing of a coach who said a prayer before a football game or see 100,000 Mexican illegals screaming for us to give back California.

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At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who ever told scum like Patrick Lahey, Charles Schumer, Teddy Kennedy, and John Kerry that these people and there Liberal ilk speak for me? I'll have no part of these power hungry, grand-standing bullies.


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