Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obamacare and the Great Society

I oppose Obamacare.  I oppose it because it represents the culmination of President Johnson’s “Great Society”, which I consider the first main cause of the unraveling of American society.  (The second main cause, also a product of Johnson’s efforts, was the Vietnam War.)  Some who read this may think that I am a little nuts or just plain stupid, but in my opinion, AFDC Welfare has turned a large segment of our population into bums, and has dumped millions of rudderless, fatherless children into our prisons; while Medicare, the second bastion of the “Great Society”, has bankrupted our medical system.

If I am right, the worse thing in the world we could do to our children is to give them Obamacare, which would complete the liberal agenda to make everyone dependent on the federal government for every important aspect of their lives, and make Churchill’s description of socialism “where everyone is poor” come true.

How can you say that Medicare was a mistake, you ask, while millions of elderly seniors, including you, depend on it for all their medical needs?  I absolutely believe that if there had been no Medicare, the incredible explosion in medical costs would not have happened, and I would be paying less for a private health-insurance policy than total Medicare costs, when all the deductions, taxes, fees and subsidies are taken into account.

People just don’t fully understand what has happened to medical costs.  My first child was born in 1953.  The total cost for everything was $65.00.  My second child was born about a year later in Boston’s Lying-In Hospital.  The total cost was $300.00.  My third child was born in the same hospital in 1956.  The total cost was exactly the same, $300.00.  I don’t remember the cost for my fourth child, born in 1964, probably because I had health insurance by then.  Some studies now show that the average cost to have a child today is about $9000.00.

What has caused this massive explosion in medical costs?  One reason is inflation; a second reason is the dramatic increase and improvement in drugs and diagnostic equipment; but I believe that the main reason is what always happens in a free society when there is unlimited demand for a limited supply of a commodity or service.  In other words, Medicare.

Medicare may have been a costly mistake, but millions are dependent on it, and it must not be undermined.  However, that is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing to move everyone eventually to single-payer government insurance.  They have shifted $500 billion dollars from future Medicare subsidies to pay a portion of Obamacare costs, and they have cut payments to the point where 83% of American doctors are considering opting out of the Medicare program.  We seniors will have nowhere else to go when Medicare collapses, and unfortunately some of us will die before our time.

Obamacare must be stopped.

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At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

We know that the repeal vote for Obamacare won't get by the Senate but some of these Democrats have to be worried about whether they will get elected the next time out if they vote it down again.
At least there are some Democrats in the Senate who are willing to stand up for their constituents and do the right thing by them.

Hopefully the GOP will capture the Presidency and both Houses and we'll be able to get things done that will turn this country around.

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ObamaCare wants old people dead....

John Carey

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not exactly on topic, but I'm curious about this, could you elaborate?
unraveling of American society- The second main cause was the Vietnam War.

A second comment I'll make is also not on this subject exactly, but on your post. I know it is more time-consuming but I for one greatly appreciate YOUR posts as opposed to your "recycled" posts.

Finally, and on subject, I agree with your post. Further, when we routinely refer to the government (as in more dependant on government), how many people understand it is NOT government, but taxpayers...meaning me & you paying for these dependants.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

People my age remember when both black and white illegitimacy was about 25%, and children without fathers were called bastards. We also remember when teachers and others in positions of authority were always accorded a measure of respect for the position they held. Almost everyone took pride in their independence and in the work that they did.

This has all gone down the drain with the “Great Society” and its government benefits and the Vietnam War, which was followed by riots, civil disobedience, extensive drug use, and the so-called free love movement.

Now the illegitimacy rate for both races is over 70%, and half of the population is almost entirely dependent on the federal government.


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