Saturday, May 19, 2012

Condo Cranks and Democrat Lies

Helping to manage the condominium complex I live in while in Florida has helped me to understand politics. Specifically it has helped me to understand why so many people cannot see through the distortions and lies Democrat politicians tell about every aspect of their programs and about their opponents.

Democrat lies seem so obvious that I never could figure out why anyone would believe them. For example, President Obama stopped all drilling in the Gulf and has greatly reduced drilling in many areas of the United States, but because President Bush advanced policies and made decisions that have led to more drilling and more oil production, the production of oil has increased recently. Now whenever you look at television you see Obama or one of his supporters taking credit for the increase in oil production. This is dishonest, but very typical.

The lies that Obama has told about reducing the debt and about his Obamacare plan have been obvious and outrageous, yet Democrat talking heads are on television every day to deny them, and the mainstream press defends them.

You have to be brain-dead or a committed leftist to believe or ignore the lies and deceits of the Democrats. It’s like managing a condo where some of the residents are totally divorced from reality. We are now going through the shocks of the housing market meltdown, and some condo owners have walked away from their units leaving the remaining owners to finance the operations. Some of these remaining owners seem to believe that this is a nefarious scheme on the part of Board members to relieve them of their money. I never would have believed that so many people in one place could have such delusions and be so divorced from reality.

It’s like Democrat voters – divorced from reality on 1. the causes of the housing crash, 2. the necessity for reducing entitlements before the USA goes broke, 3. the eventual effect of all the borrowing Obama is doing, 4. the reasons for the spike in oil prices, 5. the loss of freedoms we are all suffering by Obama’s attacks on the Constitution and the thousands of new regulations he has imposed, etc., etc., etc.

Two of these condo cranks have even begun an email campaign to try to discredit the current Board by making false charges and accusations. They are also demanding proof of foreclosures when there have not yet been any actual foreclosures. This course of action was triggered by the Board’s decision to impose a $200 special assessment, payable in two installments, in order to make up for the unpaid fees from the owners of the empty units in order that the association have the cash to pay its bills. These cranks don’t believe that THEY should have to pay anything to keep the condo association solvent.

My answer to all this is that I should fight the lies and disinformation with truth, just as Republicans like Paul Ryan are doing to try to save Medicare and Social Security with a dose of the truth. I have started sending out e-mails and letters explaining the state of the housing market and of the foreclosure situation for condos in Florida, and the legal limits on the actions that a condo board can take, given walkaways by owners who are way under water with their units.

Hopefully, the truth will prevail; so far, unfortunately, the truth hasn’t seemed to prevail in national politics.


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At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never seriously considered moving into a condo. But from what you said, I would definitely NOT want to go into a condo. I'm sure there are some that are well financed and have few if any vacant units, but there is always that risk. It just seems like there are more potential liabilities.

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a follow up to my first comment. We live in a planned community (not gated) that has about 650 homes that are presently occupied and maybe another 200 lots still available for sale. There are covenants and bylaws that every property owner must sign and agree to when they purchase a home or lot. If the owner does not pay the yearly dues (which are very low), there is a policy in place whereby the owner is notified. If the owner still does not pay their dues, a lien is placed on the property. Now, it may take some time, but whenever that lot or house is sold, the lien is then paid by the new owner. It's pay us now, or pay us later. Also, fines are imposed on all unpaid dues. Granted this is different from a condo association because the pool of owners here is much larger. But you would be surprised how many deadbeat owners will respond when a lien is placed on their property. The number of past due fees has been significantly reduced here since the board has gotten a little more agressive in enforcement of the rules. As in any group, there are some who think that the rules are made for others but they are above the regulations that others must follow. Thankfully, they find out differently in our community.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

Unfortunately in a Florida condominium association it is a waste of money to place a lien when the owner walks away from a unit that has a mortgage that is much greater than the market value of the unit. A foreclosure sale always wipes out the lien, since the mortgage comes first.

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

You make some great points about what is going on with these Democrats. People really have to be totally stupid and ignorant if they believe the lies coming out of this White House. And,---they called George Bush a liar? This Obama keeps spewing lies every time he opens his mouth and no one in the elite media calls him on it. What's up with that?

I know nothing about condos except having heard what you're telling us now, I want no part of them. I'll keep my house for as long as I can and after that they can stick me in a nursing home or maybe I can live on my boat. :)

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with the basics of some of this. True, Dems lie. Obama lies. But, this makes it sound like only the dems lie. There might be a fine line between lies and spin these days, but whatever you call it, nearly ALL polititians do it, Reps included. A component of this is also the timing and impact of things. To some degree, what happens on one watch has impact on the next as you rightly point out on the drilling leases (versus output)Bush vs Obama.

On the condo-owners point, you are 100% correct, but I can see sympathy with the current owners...they did nothing wrong but are now being asked to pay...kind of like the whole lot of us that are now in the bad housing environment primarily because we pushed thousands of unqualified buyers into buying and then surprise, they defaulted.

Back to politics, a major claim of the Obamaspinners is that we were hemoraging jobs 850k per month til he took office and then - BAM, immediate turnaround to jobs gains month over month. That is some great and fast work by Obama.

A recent Romney critique is focused on bain and how he destoyed the steel plant. The implication is always that they just wanted to take out profit and kill the business, and that the destuction was immediate. It takes someone knowledgeable of the facts to counter with the fact that Romney wasn't even in charge at the time the business actually closed, nor was it immediate (I think it was 8 years later)and they did try to make it a success.

I'm out of time, gotta go...Steve

At 10:51 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

There is no moral equivalence between Democrat lies and Republican spin. There is a big difference between stating the best case or seller's puff and the outright and continuous lies of the Democrats. They knew costs would rise and you couldn't keep your own doctor under Obamacare. They knew Obama;s acts reduced drilling. They know Bain bought companies that were going out of business. They lie on almost everything, and it's nothing new.


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