Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some Questions On Obama and Holder Justice

Can some of my readers enlighten me as to:

What is happening with Major Hasan, the American Muslim jihadist who murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood?

What is happening with the murderers of the 17 USS Cole sailors?

What is happening with Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the planner of 9/11, who Obama tried to bring to a New York courtroom?

What is happening with the ‘underwear bomber’, and with the ‘Times Square bomber’?

Where is al Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber of Pan Am 107, who Obama and the British allowed out of prison to return to Libya, now that we gave Libyan rebels all that unlawful help?

When are the Black Panthers who terrified white voters so they couldn’t vote in Philadelphia going to be arrested?

And one question on the dysfunction of liberal justice in general: there is a lady in Venice, Florida who could be jailed for five years for disturbing a turtle nest, but we in Florida are literally surrounded by thousands of known sex offenders – some of whom have molested children. These child molesters get probation or 1 to 5 years, when ones with multiple convictions should be castrated or executed for the damage they do to children and to their families. Child molestation is worse than murder; when someone is murdered, at least their suffering is over, and the family might be able to grieve and get on with their lives. I know from personal experience that when a child is molested, that child suffers for the rest of his or her life. The family and any future spouses and children also suffer by having to deal with the consequences of the molestation. And this can go on and on for generations. Why, then, is the liberal’s sense of justice to treat people who disturb a turtle nest more harshly than they treat a child molester?

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At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Liberals have a tendency to be stupid. Some are fundamentally dishonest,irresponsible, mean spirited, and easily led by the nose. I have some Liberal friends whom I love and think a lot of, but I wouldn't want them making critical choices in life or occupy a
position where they can run my life.
Just look at the fool we have in the White House right now for instance. He's trying to force his radical Left agenda on the Catholic Church right now.
This is what happens when you get radicals in the federal government. You get a lot of corruption and cover-ups. Our biggest problem today in this country is the far Left, Rino Republicans, and stupid voters who are out to lunch.


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