Monday, August 10, 2009

Recent Lies and Other Revealing Quotes

Some comments were made by Barack Obama, and some were made by Nancy Pelosi. Can you tell which is which?

“You can still keep your doctor; you can still keep your health plan”

“I will only use public financing of my presidential campaign.”

“National healthcare will save money.”

“This stimulus program will create new jobs and save existing jobs.”

“This will be the most transparent administration ever, and we will post new legislation for at least three days before enactment.”

“If you are old and need a hip replacement, just take a pain pill.”

Any white cop who arrests a black man on disorderly conduct is “stupid”.

Email the White House with the name of anyone who makes a “fishy” comment about government healthcare.

These people protesting government healthcare are carrying “swastikas and symbols like that”.

These people protesting government healthcare are wearing suits.

Private American insurance companies are “villains” and “immoral”.

Let’s spend whatever it takes to harass and vilify anyone who questions my account of my early life. We’ll lump them in and call them all “birthers”.

The CIA lied to me.

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At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

SEIU and ACORN thugs are showing up at town hall meetings with the purpose of drowning out the folks who have legitimate questions about this flawed health care bill. One Conservative black man was beat up by a "purple shirt" SEIU member. This is a good example of Obama's endorsed thug-ocracy. Someone needs to remind Nancy Pelosi about the thugs that her party seems to be endorsing who are pushing the American People around and acting like Nazis. This is a good example of the Barack Obama Chicago strong arm politics. The folks will only be pushed so far.

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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