Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tapping the Oil Reserve, Devious or Just Stupid?

Those American voters who have been trying to decide whether Senator Obama’s piling up of flip-flops on almost every major issue facing the nation was a case of devious, political pandering or just plain ignorance have another issue before them: his new desire to release oil from the strategic stockpile.

With Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shutdown of Congress and with the nation screaming for action on drilling and on other proven sources of energy, it has become obvious that the Democrats’ main strategy on energy is stalling – stalling until after the election; stalling in the hope that prices will fall, and voters’ anger will subside. Now comes Senator Obama with a plan to remove oil that is needed for an emergency (like a military action or another oil embargo) and enter that oil into the nation’s supply to relieve gasoline prices. If that were done, the amount of oil involved would be a few days’ supply, possibly enough to lower the price of gasoline by a few pennies per gallon for a short time. The oil would have to be replaced to build the reserve up again. Is Senator Obama stupid, or is this a trick to fool voters for a few weeks? That’s a question we have to decide.

By the way, I call on those who keep sending me e-mails with false information about Senator Obama to stop forwarding this stuff and to check the veracity of the information you are being sent. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to reject Senator Obama’s candidacy without resorting to made-up stories about him, and the real facts could easily get lost in the shuffle. He is an extreme, left-wing, inexperienced and cynical politician with ties to anti-American activists, and has an ego that blinds him to his own ignorance of the way things work. His treatment of General Petraeus and his performance in Germany also indicate the likelihood of a Messianic complex. We don’t need false charges; the truth will suffice.

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At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I think that Barack Obama is nothing but a smooth talking, incompetent Far Left loon. Anyone with the brains that God gave a chipmunk, would know better than to tap our strategic oil supplies and put this country's security in jeopardy. It really amazes me to no end why people vote Democrat. My new slogan is; "In God we trust." In Obama we don't!


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