Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keep the Price of Oil Going Down, Down, Down

Isn’t it interesting how just a small drop in gasoline consumption – coupled with polls that show almost 60% of the American public favor greatly expanded drilling (and President Bush’s largely symbolic canceling of the existing executive order limiting drilling) – can cause such a large drop in the world market price of oil? Obviously the market-makers for petroleum think that America may, at long last, be starting to get serious about drilling our way out of our dependence on foreign countries that hate us. The price has dropped today to $126 from a high of $146.

I have been peppering my Congressmen, both in Florida and in Rhode Island, with e-mails and telephone calls urging them to get off their butts and pass legislation allowing drilling in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and off both continental shelves. In Alaska, not only is drilling for oil and gas prohibited in ANWR, but also in other promising areas of the state.

In the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba has contracts with Chinese and Indian companies to explore and eventually drill for oil in an area not far from Key West, Florida. They could tap an oil pool some geologists think could rival the Ghawar pool under the sand in Saudi Arabia. If we don’t get going, the Cubans could start taking huge amounts of oil from right under our noses using slant drilling techniques. If there is an oil spill near our shores, would you rather have a Chinese company or an American company responsible for the cleanup, and would you rather have a Chinese company or an American company taking steps to prevent it in the first place?

Unfortunately we are treated every day with a Democrat Congressperson or spinmeister coming on TV to repeat the mantra that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have ordered: “ we can’t drill our way out of this mess (they caused)”; “let the oil companies drill on the 68 million acres authorized (already explored - no oil there)”; “we need to develop alternative sources (not going to happen in our lifetimes)”.

The fellow with a 10,000 square foot house that consumes tons more energy than the average person, the fellow who flies around on his private jet and drives his huge SUV, continues also to regale us with the nonsense about man-made global warning – from which he makes millions from his books, movie, lectures and his carbon credits company. He says there is a consensus, and the argument is over. There is no consensus when the IPCC admits there has been no warming for the last ten years and none to come in the future. There is no consensus when corrected data puts the hottest year on record as 1934, instead of 1998. There is no consensus when thousands of scientists say there is no man-made global warming. There is no consensus when people realize that warming and cooling cycles have occurred naturally throughout history.

If you haven’t already, get on the phone and on your computer with messages to Congress and tell them to get serious about providing ample, cheap energy for Americans from American sources.

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At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I'm all for drilling for oil in this country. At this stage of the game, we can't afford to be held hostage by a bunch of Mid East cut-throats who smile at us and pretend to be our friends, then turn around and knife us in the back when we're not looking. The way I see it is; if there is oil to be had within 50 miles of the Florida coast, it is far better that we get it than the Red Chinese. But as I endeavor to explain this to some of the "pea brained" fools that I've met in my city, I get the same response from them that the Liberal Democrats keep spouting in Congress. This leads me to believe that my fellow city folks are brainwashed and so gullible, but there is an issue that all of us can agree with. We need to conserve, and what better way to accomplish this, than to do away with plastic bags? This is just my own opinion, but it ought to be yours, also.

Here is a copy of an Email that I sent to Senator Marc Pacheco and Rep. James Fagan who represent my area of the State of Massachusetts. It will be interesting to see if I ever hear back from them.

Dear (Recipient's name)

We need to do away with plastic bags in this country. The savings alone on petroleum products would be substantial, not to mention the reduction in the harm that these bags have been causing to the environment and wildlife. As a concerned member of my community who is constantly picking up litter in my own neighborhood, I would be more than glad to carry my own cloth bags for the merchandise that I buy each week when I shop.
The State of Massachusetts can be the first state to pave the way for other states to follow suit and adopt an important policy which would not only save our environment from harm, but would surely save petroleum for our vehicles and home heating fuel.
With the exception of Jessica's Law, this is one of the most important issues that should be near the top of the agenda, instead of a foolish "He, She, It" legislation. I am offering you a link that pretty much describes the harm that these plastic bags are causing to the environment.
Please get back to me on this.

Sincerely Yours,
Joseph Alves Jr.
Taunton, Ma 02780

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Christopher Logan said...

Bush should of been pushing for drilling since day 1. He has screwed us on the borders, energy and Islam. Him and the state department need to retire from politics.


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