Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

I am one of your longest-listening and most devoted fans. It was in 1987 or 1988 that I first heard your program, and I could not believe my ears. For the first time I heard someone articulate with genius my point of view and provide me with factual information and in-depth analysis I was not getting from the mainstream media. Occasionally you provide a monologue on the spirit and promise of America that moves me to tears. As a then college professor with some control over my teaching schedule, I even managed to take your broadcast time into account when setting up my calendar for the next semester; and now, that I am retired, I try to listen to you every day.

The reason for this letter is to tell you that, for the first time in 20 years, you are starting to turn me off by constantly attacking and ridiculing Senator McCain. I have never been a McCain supporter. If you reviewed my weblog, “From Sea to Shining Sea”, you would see many of my posts over the years that attacked him – particularly on McCain-Feingold and on McCain-Kennedy. I am as appalled by RINO Republicans as you are. I supported Fred Thompson financially and on my weblog and then moved to Romney when Fred dropped out.

However, Senator McCain is the Republican candidate, and the alternative is Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, either of whom represents disaster for America. As Bill Kristol wrote recently:

“And don’t treat 2008 as a throwaway election. If a Democrat wins the presidency, he or she will almost certainly have a Democratic Congress to work with. That Congress will not impede a course of dishonorable retreat abroad. It won’t balk at liberal Supreme Court nominees at home. It won’t save the economy from tax hikes.

If, by contrast, McCain wins the presidency — and all the polls suggest he’d be the best G.O.P. bet to do so — he’ll be able to shape a strong American foreign policy, nominate sound justices and fight for parts of the conservative domestic agenda.”

I realize that you also occasionally favorably contrast the policies and statements of Senator McCain with his opponents, but the message that comes through from the anti-McCain comedy songs and the uncomplimentary impersonations leaves the clear impression that you would just as soon have a Democrat win this contest this time around. I wish you would stop these attacks and support the only Republican candidate we have. Your present course is weakening his chances.


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At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

If Mr. McCain is a weak conservative candidate it is not Mr. Limbaughs fault.

Mr. McCain may be the least liberal of the current front runners, but he is not a conservative. Mr. Limbaugh is fully within his rights and what he see's as his responsibilities as a citizen to engage in free speech of this nature.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger coffee260 said...


Two things. First, you are asking Rush to simply ignore his principles or at least set them aside until the election is over. Would you have him, on any other occasion, set his principles aside? And if so, which ones?

Secondly, parody is a way to draw attention to something with enough truth and humor that [McCain] supporters can ignore it and detractors can embrace it.

With regard to McCain, it isn't Rush's job to not point out his flaws. It's McCain's job to point out his own strengths. You are advocating that Rush not draw attention to a flawed candidate. That is a dangerous precedent you'd have him set. What happens when he employees that precedent against your wishes? A precedent you advocated for.

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

I think that if Rush were to endorse McCain, it would be like "the kiss of death" for McCain. A lot of Democrats would vote for McCain, but they could have a change of heart if they knew that Rush was trying to push him. I don't know of any Democrat who would take sides with Rush Limbaugh on anything. You might call it reverse psychology. I'm not saying that Rush doesn't have any issues with McCain, because he does, and so do I, but Rush shouldn't have to compromise any of his long held conservative standards for anyone. What Rush is doing to John McCain right now is mild compared to what the Liberal Elite Media is going to do to him.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger coffee260 said...


Obviously you don't listen to Rush. But aside from that, I'd like to say a few things. First I'd like to have a look at your computer hard drive. Why, you ask? Because usually it's liberals such as yourself that are actually filled with racism, greed, arrogance, and an unshakable penchant for child porn.

Sure you denounce all those things. You advocate against them, publicly. But when the door is closed, and nobody is looking, do you do the right thing? Probably not.

"BUT...BUT...You don't know me." you are probably thinking.

Yes I do. You are the typical uneducated, angry, white guy who doesn't know himself to be a typical uneducated, angry, white guy. But instead thinks of himself as a good person. Someone who prides himself on thinking you are good. And you find pleasure in pounding your own chest. Metaphorically, of course.

You are someone who hates conservatives and finds virtue and pride in that hatred. And from that virtue of hate, you treat yourself to a little indulgences while no one is looking. Things like child porn, gay porn, or just plain old boring monogamous porn.

You think because you hate Rush Limbaugh and people like him that that makes you a morally better person. That your counter-intuition gives you license to some part-time depravity.

You hate smokers...but smoke when you drink...
You hate fat people but only because you don't see carnal beauty...
You masturbate to your brothers wife, your neighbors wife, daughter, and son...
And for atonement, once or twice a week, you find some internet site that really riles your faux wisdom. You post insults and invectives under an anonymous name. A sign, by the way, of true courage. And off you go to for more self indulgent, depravity.

Because, of course, you are mostly a good person and because you deserve it, right?

Might I give you a little advise? Well I am anyway.

It's the person who thinks himself or herself a good person who truly is a bad person. For their goodness is born out of selfish pride and carnal desire. This makes an evil person never have to examine them self. What a truly bad person this will make.

Take care of yourself anonymous. And if you aren't afraid to let me have a look at your hard drive send me a response on this post. I'm looking forward to reading another thoughtful, self important, insulting comment.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

To coffee260, I appreciate your comments above in response to the liberal hater, but I felt I had to remove his comment. I don't allow hateful views or obscenities on my blog.

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha. Thank you for proving my point. Spineless. It's pretty grim when the mirror looks back.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger coffee260 said...


For posting anonymously you sure did give up a lot of info. Anyways, I just find it fascinating at just how unhinged a liberal gets when they read something they don't like. It reminds me of what a crucifix does to a vampire. I imagine them, in their self-righteous wisdom, all red faced, pounding away at their keyboard. Make no mistake, whenever I get a response like anonymous just sent me. It means I hit a truth nerve. And they hurt worse than the real thing.

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I write with a heart full of joy. Picture Mencken in full glory behind his typewriter in Dayton and you'll be a little closer to hitting the nut. In any event, I subscribe to Keats' theory on Truth.

A man with a greed for the Truth should expect no mercy and give none....I understand that truism.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger coffee260 said...


It's funny that you mention truth. Because I happen to know from where your truth emanates.

Because liberals such as yourself believe, fundamentally, in the preeminence of men. Namely, the preeminence of ones self. God isn't usually in the picture.

Therefore, your ideals must be created by yourself. This is a tremendous amount of pressure. SomeONE has to be right. And so, a lot of blood gets sweated in an attempt to find the "right" way. The right way must be rational and make sense to you. And anyone who doesn't believe like you liberals has after years and years of refinement, must be a total moron. Anyone who disagrees is not just irrational and stupid, he is also evil, because this person is disagreeing not with your idea but your whole, fully thought out ideology.

Because you liberals essentially create your own religion, made up of your own rules, you tend to dislike anyone who deviates from those rules. You make up your own truths and demand absolutism to them.

And that's why you scream hysterically when you think the outcome of the entire universe was all on your ideas? That tends to make every policy decision seem like life and death. Any person who doesn't see the light is deluded and must be converted, or destroyed, because, LIFE IS SHORT!

Your truth is absent a real foundation. You've put all your faith in man. When, in fact, God commands the opposite. C.S. Lewis wrote that Christianity has to be true because it's too logical for man to make it up. And that's why logic and truth, in your world, are moving targets. An anchor in liberalism is hate. The easiest emotion to enjoy.

anonymous, I know you don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. Because if you did you wouldn't have been able to write what you did. If you have no use for people like him. At least listen to his show before trashing him.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger coffee260 said...

anonymous--What exactly, specifically, in what I wrote is "hateful views?"

If I wrote that liberals think killing babies in the womb is ok, would that be hateful? But if I wrote that liberals think a woman has a choice whether to have a baby or to abort it, would that not be hateful?

They both mean the same thing.

If I said liberals want to surrender in Iraq and let the terrorist win, would that be hateful? And if I said liberals want to redeploy from Iraq and let Iraqis fin for themselves, would that be acceptable?

Again, they both mean the same thing. The difference between them is one makes you feel justified simply by rewording it. Even though the end result is the same.

Liberals do not really care about outcomes. It's the intentions that matter. As long as Stalin's intentions were good 20 million deaths were somewhat, somewhat justifiable. But if Bush liberates two countries, and 50 million people, and collateral deaths occur Bush is evil because liberals don't agree with his intentions.

Freedom and liberty to a liberal means that they don't get to control other peoples lives. And unless they control the lives of others through the levers of government they feel incomplete.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

It's interesting how liberal commenters never address the main thems of a post. Below I'm going to repeat a column I authored recently:

Liberal Blog Baiters

An honest disagreement is one thing, but there is a phenomenon going around the internet, mostly at the expense of conservative bloggers like me, known as baiting.

These are liberals who get some kind of perverse pleasure by visiting conservative blogs and trying to harass them or tie them in knots. Their favorite technique is to seize on some trivial point or side issue and argue with it, completely disregarding the main point of the article. Another technique is to hunt for some reference that disputes something you have said – easy to do in a world where the liberal press is publishing lies daily and where situations change rapidly.

The reason I bring this up is that, over the past few months, this blog has been subject to this kind of harassment, almost on a daily basis, by one or two liberals who spend hours researching and writing baiting comments. They visit my site 5 – 10 times a day looking for responses they can turn into new baiting comments and articles they can attack. They also often resort to name-calling and character assassination, bringing to mind what happened to Ronald Reagan, Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas – and what happens on a daily basis to President Bush, for his efforts to defend this country.

If I have the slightest suspicion that a comment is from such a liberal baiter, it will immediately be deleted without explanation.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You attacked just about every element of my character without knowing anything about me. That isn't love, sister.

But none of that really Russ will tell you, my opinion isn't welcome here.


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