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How the Pieces Do Fit Together in the US, Great Britain and Somalia


One of my main goals in starting this weblog was to point out the dangers of multiculturalism to our democracy and to our country. It is especially frustrating because those who support multiculturalism think they are doing the right thing – or else they hate America so much that they want to see America defeated. What the long range consequences of such a defeat may mean to them personally (either in the loss of their freedoms or of their prosperity) does not seem to occur to them.

As Islamic terrorism rears its murderous head here and there around the world (7121 acts of mass murder just since 9/11), I have often brought into the multiculturalism debate the special dangers posed by American Muslims - to themselves and to the rest of us – of pushing for special rights for Muslims and of denying Islamic participation in 9/11.

England also has multiculturalism problems and conflicts – in many ways worse than our own and, possibly, a preview of American problems to come. Here I present four excerpts of recent articles that, taken together, give an informed overview of the dimensions of the problem. In the first excerpt, Prime Minister Blair faces up to the danger:

“The Prime Minister has long hinted that he harbours doubts about the ideology of multi-culturalism that has done so much to divide one British person from another. Yesterday, he finally expressed those doubts – plainly enough to infuriate both professional multi-culturalists in the public sector and the Muslim Association of Britain, which described his remarks as "alarming".

The most important feature of Tony Blair's speech was an admission for which we have waited far too long: that there is a connection between Islamic extremism and political correctness. Muslims who hate this country are nourished by the constant assertions that our nation's history is a catalogue of shame; indeed, many of them will have been taught this since their first history lessons in a British primary school. (It is, sadly, a common experience now for state-educated children to be instructed, at some stage, to write essays based on the assumption that they are slaves on a British plantation.)

Multi-culturalism portrays itself as a means of celebration: in fact, it is an invitation to all minorities to complain, loudly and persistently, about their victimhood. And, when this self-pitying worldview comes into contact with religious fanaticism, the results can be – literally – explosive. That is presumably what Mr Blair means when he says that the events of July 7 last year threw the whole concept of multi-cultural Britain "into sharp relief".” Telegraph Media Group

And on the home front:

“Chalk up another victory for the terrorists' Fifth Column -- the Council on American-Islamic Relations. After much prodding and capitalizing on phony incidents of racial profiling, CAIR has achieved something few Americans have achieved -- they got airport security officials to back off.

The Transportation Security Administration announced a new training program -- some may call it an indoctrination program -- that will be mandated for more than 45,000 security officers and supervisors. No, it's not training that'll be used to identify terrorists or protect airline passengers. This training program is being billed as "Muslim Sensitivity Training."

In a press release sent to US media organizations, CAIR said it welcomed the "special training about Islamic traditions" including the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, which entails thousands of Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The TSA cultural sensitivity training includes details about the timing of Hajj travel, about items pilgrims may be carrying and about Islamic prayers that may be observed by security personnel…….

Ghassan Elashi, a founder of CAIR Texas chapter and founder of the Holy Land Foundation was arrested by the United States and charged with, making false statements on export declarations, dealing in the property of a designated terrorist organization, conspiracy and money laundering. Ghassan Elashi committed his crimes while working at CAIR, and was found guilty.

CAIR Board Member Imam Siraj Wahaj, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, has called for replacing the American government with an Islamic caliphate, and warned that America will crumble unless it accepts Islam.

Whenever CAIR is accused of wrongdoing, their spokesmen are quick to tell Americans that its leadership have been guests at President Bush's White House and that they are regularly consulted by US officials on matters involving homeland security.

Too be sure, the Bush Administration intentionally or unintentionally provides CAIR with cover, but the officials with whom CAIR staff claim they work are usually people such as Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat serving a large Muslim population in Michigan, and a long-time terrorist and Marxist sympathizer. CAIR and other Muslim groups have funneled campaign contributions to Conyers, who in January begins his tenure as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Many believe it was Rep. Conyers who aided CAIR in achieving their politically correct victory.”

Most of us know of the military victory last week over Islamic terrorists in Somalia – with a great deal of help from Ethiopian soldiers and from the US Navy. This is a cause for all Americans to rejoice. Do we also know that:

“More than a thousand Somalis gathered in Minneapolis on Saturday to call for Ethiopian troops to withdraw immediately from Somalia.

Their protest capped a week in which transitional government troops retook Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, with the backing of Ethiopian infantrymen.

The U.S. government "gave the green light" to Ethiopia to work in concert with the transitional federal government in Somalia, and that action was "totally wrong," said Hassan Mohamud.

He is the president of the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice in Minneapolis, which organized Saturday's rally.

"We ask the president of the United States, Mr. Bush, and his administration to stop supporting the terrorists. Ethiopian troops are terrorists," Mohamud said to a cheering crowd. Minneapolis Star Tribune

And from the New York Post:

January 2, 2007 -- THE new year is off to a bad start for Muslim extremists and their admirers in the media: After only a few months in power, the Islamist regime in Mogadishu collapsed overnight as Ethiopian troops drove out the fanatics.

The global media line held that the Islamic Courts Council, which seized power last year and immediately imposed Sharia law, was in firm control of the country, with the legal government in Baidoa destined to fall. And Somalia did become the new Terror Central, a safe haven for al Qaeda and a strategic base for Islamist subversion in Africa.

Then Ethiopia stepped in and spoiled the goat roast.

Unconvinced by Western myths that military force is useless against terrorists, Addis Ababa's troops intervened to support Somalia's internationally recognized government against the jihadis. The no-nonsense use of force worked.


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I am a Canadian anti-jihadi. Thank you for your site! I agree that multiculturalism is a disease. Fortunately, we now have a very good prime minister here in Canada, the conservative Stephen Harper. The clock is ticking for these radicals even here in Canada....


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