Saturday, October 04, 2014

You Can Help Stop Ebola

I just emailed my two senators asking them to urge President Obama to stop all flights and all nationals from ebola-stricken countries from entering the United States. He already has the authority.  I am urging my readers to send similar messages to their Congressmen. Here's why: Immediately after the President assured us that our medical system was set up to handle any such cases, facts and events again proved him wrong (like with the IRS, ISIS, Fast and Furious, 'you can keep your doctor', open immigration of children, Benghazi, leaving a force in Iraq, etc., etc., etc.). The first case in Texas was completely mishandled by medical personnel, and the patient was sent home to infect hundreds of others. CDC leakers are also telling us that we cannot contain a major outbreak, and that almost no medical facilities even have the special haz-mat suits needed to handle such patients.

The argument is being made that no professionals will want to go into those West African countries to help them deal with ebola if they cannot get back out. This is a ridiculous argument. We can certainly track those individuals, and our military, who have already been committed to this fight, can certainly get them out.

Another scary thing is that some Central American countries from which all these thousands of illegals, mostly children, flooded our borders this summer have about the same conditions of sanitation in which dreadful diseases originate and spread – and our President invited them to come.

This is a time for action to protect America and for the lying and spinning to stop.


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At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have emailed my rep and 2 Senators TWICE and have gotten back form letters that indicate they haven't even read my letters. I suggest calling Washington offices. It is the only way to make your voice heard. Sharon


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