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Ben Stein on President Obama

Ben Stein is a very decent and talented man who usually gets things right and writes about them brilliantly.

Ben Stein's Diary

Moral Decency in Disintegration

A President who at heart hates America.

By Ben Stein – 8.16.14

A trip up to the charming town of Sandpoint. It went well except that our flight from SEA to Spokane was postponed for an hour. We took an earlier flight but then my wife’s luggage was not in Spokane. We had to wait two hours for that. We passed the time at a fine local Spokane restaurant called the Rusty Moose. Good food, good service.

We sat at the bar and next to us were two soldiers. One of them was quiet. The other was talkative. He wanted to know if I thought there was much of a future for civilization.

“We Americans come from the Enlightenment,” he said. “But how many other countries have the values of respect for law, respect for human dignity, respect for the individual that we have?”

“Maybe Israel and the UK,” I said.

“Right,” said the soldier. “That was my count, too.”

This is a conversation I have been having often. People just come up to me and ask me if I think civilization has a future, if I think human decency has a future.

I blame Mr. Obama and his wicked clique for this. Despite an enormous edge in wealth, military might, and moral power, the United States has abandoned the field to the terrorists and bullies and killers and enslavers of women.

A few days ago, Mr. Obama said we were going to save the Yazidis trapped in the middle of ISIS control. He did almost nothing. Today, ISIS murdered roughly 100 Yazidis because they would not convert to Islam (the religion of peace). In retaliation, Mr Obama sent two drones to blow up two ISIS pickup trucks. This is just great. The U.S. spends roughly $620 billion per year on defense. With a genocide looming, Mr. Obama can muster up the strength to send out two drones to destroy two pickup trucks.

This is pitiful. Beyond pitiful. In this incident, we can see that Barack Obama is just too paralyzed by his hatred of America and European civilization to bestir himself to help that civilization’s values. Obama is another Angry Black Man, better covered up than most, but not a fan of American values of compassion and caring. He is too angry to be compassionate or empathetic. He has to worry about himself and Michelle.

That means no helping the poor Nigerians against Boko Haram rapists. No helping of any kind in Arab Africa, which has been led by Arab Spring into a deep hell of violence and lawlessness. No helping the Ukrainians as they struggle against their violent neighbor. It means contempt for the only country in the world with its existence at stake every day — Israel — which is still the most civilized country in the world east of Anglia.

Mr. Obama sides with the killers and the fanatics almost every time by not helping the victims of these people.

The result? The world is aflame and Mr. Obama is playing golf and the flames get higher. The uber-genius Mark Steyn wrote about America Alone. It’s worse than that. It’s America alone with a man who in his heart hates America the way his Kenyan father hated the British (a theory I learned about from the very smart Dinesh D’Souza).

As the crazies of the world circle around, our leader walks away from responsibility, plays golf with plutocrats on Martha’s Vineyard, and gets some satisfaction in seeing moral decency in disintegration worldwide.

This is a terrifying time. I’m glad I am in Sandpoint, where I feel safe even if I am not.

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