Sunday, May 04, 2014

Life Is Unfair in Politics

Life is unfair. Under President Bush (Bush 43), the average unemployment rate for his entire term was 5.3%. This includes the months of the Clinton recession, which Bush inherited, the major slowdown after 9/11, and the after-effects of the housing crash in 2007 and 2008. Despite the fact that these events had nothing to do with Bush, he was and will be blamed for the housing crash because it happened on his watch.

Not only was President Bush not responsible for any of these terrible disasters, each of them was directly the result of Democrat policies and decisions. Again, life, particularly political life, is, indeed, unfair.

Islamic terrorism and 9/11 can be directly linked to Jimmy Carter’s policies on Iran and to Bill Clinton’s inaction in response to direct attacks on Americans by Islamists. The housing bubble and subsequent crash can also be directly linked to Carter’s support of a program (Community Reinvestment Act) to force banks to grant mortgages to deadbeats, and to Clinton’s strengthening of CRA – as well as the threats made by his Attorney General (Janet Reno) to banks who did not move quickly enough to push loans to people who could not possibly repay them.

It is also documented that President Bush 13 times requested changes and limits be placed on Fannie Mae and on Freddie Mac and was rebuffed by the Democrat Congress and particularly by Barney Frank and by Chris Dodd, who was later shown to have benefited personally from his position in this matter.


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