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This blog started out as a letter to my grandchildren, and it will end on the same note.  My original letter nine years ago came about as a reaction to the nonsense I heard some of them say at the dinner table – nonsense put there by leftist teachers who hate this country because of their own guilt and lack of understanding of history and human nature.

In order to write a meaningful blog post, one has to keep up with world and national events reported on the news, but the news is so dismaying and disgusting lately that I can’t stand to hear it any more.  Everything seems to be coming apart for Americans: our leadership in the world is over, our economy is in permanent recession, any respect and fear of us held by jihadist Muslims is gone, the greatest healthcare system in the world is being systematically destroyed (including doctors abandoning Medicare because of payment cuts as funds are shifted to pay for Obamacare), all the progress made in race relations is disappearing as Obama cleverly uses symbolism to urge blacks to hate whites (and poor people to hate rich people).

Women are being told that Republicans want to kill them, churches are being told that they cannot practice their religion (abortion and contraception), employees of Homeland Security are being told that Americans who love liberty and states rights are more dangerous than militant Muslims, citizens are being fed the nonsense that an Army officer with jihadist ties who shouts Allahu Akbar while slaughtering 13 soldiers is not a terrorist, and that al-Qaeda has been squashed.

I haven’t even mentioned the so-called, “phony” scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS corruption of the 2012 election, the harassment of FoxNews reporters, the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – or the knowledge that just about everything that comes out of the mouths of liberal politicians and operatives is a lie.

I can’t stand it anymore.

To someone my age, grandchildren are terribly important because they represent the future. I’m writing this because I want to make sure that my grandchildren understand some things that will be very important to their future — and to their childrens’ future.

Any American who studies history — whether ancient history or recent history — should realize two major lessons from history: Lesson l. You and I and the ordinary working person in this country have a quality of life that in most of the world has been available only to a very few, extremely wealthy persons of royalty. Of the billions of people born since the world began, almost everyone has lived wretched, short lives of incredible poverty and despair. This widespread quality of life you and I have is of recent origin and came about because of the unique qualities of American civilization —freedom, capitalism and inventiveness.  Lesson 2. Every great civilization — the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Spaniards, the Turks and others — every one of them has eventually disintegrated or disappeared. Today we live during the great American civilization. Will it also disappear?

Sometimes great civilizations ended because of military defeats, but more often, they ended because of intemal decay. You might say that they committed suicide. During your lifetime you will encounter many people who are mentally sick in some way. Some are criminals who will hurt you if you let them. It’s pretty easy to stay out of their way. But some are sick in more subtle and devious ways. They don’t understand history. They don’t understand that American freedoms and American traditions and the
bloodshed of American patriots not only provided the wonderful life we have — but has offered hope to all the rest of the world. These people are Americans, but, inexplicably, they hate America.

Yes we have made mistakes, and sometimes we have been forced to choose the lesser of two evils, but unlike every other civilization, America has always tried to help. After we won World War II, the most terrible war in history, we offered a hand of friendship to our enemies. Instead of
ransacking their countries, as all previous victors throughout history had done, we helped them to rebuild and taught them how to live in freedom.

However, these people who have this kind of mental illness don’t see this; they only see the mistakes we have made. They are like some people who, if you give them a rose, will only see the thorns. The problem is, these
Americans with this kind of mental illness, may be the ones who destroy our civilization — if we let them.

Who are these people? Back in the l97O’s a Senator, Senator Church, who headed an important committee and who for some reason hated the CIA so much he not only persuaded the Congress to weaken the CIA (possibly
why the 9/11 attacks succeeded), but he published the names and addresses of CIA agents around the world. This is very personal for me because a near classmate at my high school in Providence, RI, the CIA Station Chief in Athens, Greece, Richard Welch, was murdered shortly thereafter on the front steps of his home. Also during the 1970’s a man named Daniel Ellsbergh stole and published military secrets that undermined public confidence in our military at a time when American service men and women were under fire.

During Desert Storm in the l990’s two CNN TV broadcasters, Peter Arnett and Bernard Shaw, actually broadcasted from Baghdad while our men and women risked their lives. Their television programs gave information to the Iraqis and could have cost American lives. We also have many people in our country who seem willing to undermine our society in order to make money or to further some agenda that may arise out of their form of sickness. We have movie, television, radio and music producers who constantly try to expose young people to more and more violence and near-pornography in order to increase the shock value of their products and make more money for themselves.

If this wasn’t bad enough, at least it is understandable. What is not understandable is the number of people who actually believe that it’s good for us to see and hear this filth.

For all its faults, the United States of America has been and remains the source of hope and progress to the peoples of the world. We were one of the first countries to outlaw the slave trade (slavery still goes on today in some countries), and we are the first country to go to the aid of countries that suffer disasters. We are the only country in the world where millions of people (remember little Elian Gonzalez) risk their lives every year to try to get here to live.

Since evil thrives when good people do nothing, it is up to the rest of us to fight against all these sick people. I hope I’ve tried during my lifetime, and I hope you will too.
Love, Grandpa Wilcox
Is Obama the worst president ever?
By HUGH HEWITT | AUGUST 25, 2013  Washington Examiner

President Obama's promises on Obamacare have turned sour as implementation draws closer.

 (AP... "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." — President Obama, Aug. 11, 2009)

So said President Obama again and again through 2009 and 2010 as he sold Obamacare to the country. He promised. He put his personal integrity on the line. His word.

How many UPS employees voted for the president in 2008 and again in 2012? Because on Friday, UPS announced it was dumping 15,000 spouses of UPS employees from their UPS health plans despite the president's many, many promises to the contrary.

The UPS spouse-dump followed by a few days the news from New Jersey that Obamacare's rollout there will end the low-cost, high-deductible plan that more than 106,000 Jersey folks liked and which presumably many of them would have preferred to keep.

Oh, and the cost of individual plans are set to rise on average 41 percent in Ohio, and another major insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross, has pulled out of the California market for small businesses.

Let a thousand stink bombs go kaboom. Obamacare is the train wreck that just keeps arriving on an ever-more prolonged schedule.

Most Mainstream Media refuse to catalogue the consequences of the epic bill that went unread when it was passed without a single Republican vote in 2009. Most journalists just avert their eyes.

But now that that the bodies of hundreds of gassed Syrian children are piling up in Damascus and scores of Christian churches are burned-out shells in Egypt, it is getting harder and harder to find anything to write about the president that doesn't underscore his incompetence.

Obama's tenure is a vast desert of anti-achievement, a landscape of waste and ruin on every front at home and abroad, save on the ability to mobilize voters who don't know or don't care about the state of the country or the world.

The president rolled to re-election on the strength of technologies that enabled his minions to tap and turn out folks who simply are clueless that that nice fellow in the White House hasn't the foggiest idea of how to run the country.

Perhaps by the time you read this, the president will have ordered a few cruise missiles to fall on Damascus, and the anti-Sisi rhetoric will have been toned down in recognition that the general running Egypt is likely to be there far longer than the president is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But the prospect of 39 more months of the anti-president at the helm is daunting. No plans for anything except bus tours and college campus speeches, no idea how to invigorate a sputtering economy or trim a bloated budget.

Just miles and miles to go before we can can all sleep without the prospect of seeing him the next day, yet again, making another meaningless speech or filibustering another softball question from a kept White House press.

Many will argue that Stanley Baldwin was the worst of the modern British Prime Ministers, though a few remonstrate half-heartedly for Edward Heath, but Heath did not leave his country vulnerable to war and direct attack that killed hundreds of thousands.

Since 1979 and the acquiescence of the transfer of Iran to religious zealots with world-enders and Hidden Imam-summoners among them, I didn't think it was possible for an American president to be ranked below Jimmy Carter on the competence list.

But now we have Obama, with double the years that Carter had to more than double the wreckage of the Carter era. Obama is working on his place in history every day, and every day he is making that ranking more secure.






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