Saturday, June 08, 2013

Islam In US After Obama

This article has two points: 1. that ALL Muslims present a danger to America's values and to America's future, and 2. that President Obama is promoting Muslim influence.

Although President Obama cannot be faulted for events on the ground (except for Benghazi) regarding the war against Islamic terrorists (take-out of Bin Laden, use of drones), he can certainly be heavily criticized for his policies toward Muslims here in the US and abroad.

By appointing so many Muslims to high office in his administration, by declaring that the war on terror is over (when it is clear from the Boston Marathon massacre it is not), by changing the terms of reference to obscure what is happening (Major Hasan’s massacre of US soldiers while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ has been declared a case of “workplace violence”), and by strongly implying in a recent speech to the UN that critics of Mohammed do not deserve to live, Obama has given much ammunition to suggest that he favors Muslims, despite his conversion.

I am aware that there is another explanation for his actions.  Many liberals believe that the way to end the war that jihadists have declared on America is to make peace with them.  I leave to my readers to judge the wisdom of that approach.  The problem is centered in all the atrocities that have been occurring all over the world for hundreds of years and are now still occurring every day, and in the near certainty that Muslim immigrants and their progeny will try to take over America as they have done in so many other countries.  They have already made several attempts to have their sharia and customs substituted for US law in jurisdictions where they are numerous. This video shows the extent of the problem in France:

Certainly the French people never thought this would happen when they first welcomed Islamic immigrants.

If there is a problem viewing the video, or to read the complete article accompanying it, go here.

The only way to prevent this from happening here is to halt all Muslim immigration into the United States.

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