Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Terrible Incident Affirms NRA Position

Unfortunately, while liberal politicians and pundits were lambasting the recent speech by Wayne Lapierre of the NRA, a terrible incident in a small town in New York completely justified the positions that Lapierre took. An ex-con, possessing illegal weapons (ex-felons cannot legally own firearms) murdered firemen and policemen in a trap he set for them. Another policeman shot at him, and stopped the carnage.

Gun control? Useless

Mentally ill? Obviously

A bad man with a gun stopped by a good man with a gun. Absolutely, just as Lapierre said.

Instead of ridicule, perhaps the leftists should listen a little to some common sense.

Firefighters Ambushed

December 25, 2012 AP (Excerpt)

WEBSTER, N.Y. — "An ex-con set a car and a house ablaze in his lakeside neighborhood to lure firefighters, then opened fire on them, killing two, engaging in a shootout with police and committing suicide while several homes burned. Authorities used an armored vehicle to evacuate the area.

The gunman fired at the four firefighters when they arrived shortly after 5:30 a.m. at the blaze in Webster, a suburb of Rochester on Lake Ontario, town Police Chief Gerald Pickering said. The first police officer who arrived chased the suspect and exchanged gunfire, authorities said.

Police say he lay in wait outdoors for the firefighters’ arrival, then opened fire probably with a rifle and from atop an earthen berm, Pickering said.

“It does appear it was a trap,” he said.

The gunman, William Spengler, had served more than 17 years in prison for beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer in 1980 at the house next to where Monday’s attack happened, Pickering said at an afternoon news conference. Spengler, 62, was paroled in 1998 and had led a quiet life since, authorities said. Convicted felons are not allowed to possess weapons.

Two firefighters, one of whom was also a town police lieutenant, died at the scene, and two others were hospitalized. A fifth man who was passing by was also injured. The police officer who exchanged gunfire with Spengler “in all likelihood saved many lives,” Pickering said."


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At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I've often thought of discontinuing my NRA membership to cut down on some of my expenses but,-- you know what? If view of all that is happening these days, I'm more determined than ever to stay with the NRA. The Leftists are going too far with their gun control agendas. One newspaper out there is printing all the names of legal gun owners in their paper. This is BS!
I intend to fight these people tooth and nail. In the words of of the past President of the NRA, the late Charlton Heston, “You can have my guns when you take them from my cold, dead hands.”

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a little more nuanced on this subject. Although I agree with your point on this vicious attack, and in fact you can make the same arguement on the Newtown attack as the murderer stole those legal weapons from his mother, I also think there is a case to be made to limit the magazines and to close the gunshow well as improving early detection/intervention methods.



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