Friday, July 22, 2011

They Get It, But Pretend Not To and Lie, Lie, Lie

If I live to be a hundred I will never understand how Americans can not see through the constant lies of the Democrats. No Republican has proposed cuts in Social Security or Medicare benefits for any current recipient, and the changes proposed would not take effect for many years. Yet, we are watching TV commercials and Democrat politicians (including the President) telling seniors on SSI and/or on Medicare that Republicans want to cut their benefits!

What Republicans want to do is save these programs from bankruptcy so our children and grandchildren will have a reasonable safety net. It is not Republicans who are claiming that bankruptcy is on the horizon for these programs – it is the neutral CBO, and the end is coming in as soon as 10 years.

Out of the Way, Please, Mr. President

The Gang of Six puts forward some ideas worth pursuing.

By PEGGY NOONAN July 22, 2011 Wall St Journal (Excerpt)

It's good, it represents progress, build from it. That would be a helpful approach to the Gang of Six proposal on the debt. Don't deep-six it because it's flawed. Flawless isn't going to happen. There will be a big election in 2012. A lot can be settled then, and after.

The Gang of Six—three Democrats and three Republicans in the Senate—this week put forward a plan aimed at reducing the national debt by almost $4 trillion over the next 10 years. It includes $500 billion in immediate cuts, and repeals a costly provision of ObamaCare. The plan would lower the top individual tax rate to 29%, push corporate tax rates down to 29% from 35%, and abolish the Alternative Minimum tax. On long-term spending the plan includes a legislative supermajority and sequester feature. In the words of a senator involved in the bargaining, "For the first time, we have some real teeth" in spending controls.

This is all pretty good. It moves the ball forward in the right ways.

As for the flaws: A lot is left up to committees and future action. A lot is left vague. But a critic of the plan, the Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell, highlighted with justice one of its central advantages: It "is not fueled by class-warfare resentment." These days that always comes as a surprise and a relief. And it might have come at a cost to the Democrats in the bargaining sessions.

The primary good of the plan is that it represents the work of three serious liberals and three serious conservatives who together are moving in the right direction, not the wrong one. They admit the spending crisis is a crisis; they appear to admit that we cannot, at least now, tax our way out of it. This seems small but isn't. Agreement on these essentials is an antidote to feelings of widespread public hopelessness: "Washington can't do anything." That hopelessness damages us more than we know, both at home and in the world. We have to look competent. We have to look like we can reform ourselves. The other day there was an apparently incorrect report that the Republicans and the president had neared a debt ceiling deal. The markets immediately jumped. Everyone wants Washington to work.

People hunger for it.

The plan has already garnered a lot of opposition, much of it fair, but to quickly push it aside would be a real missed opportunity. Those who critique the plan can help it. Its cuts in entitlements and its attempts to reform them are unclear and appear insufficient. If the Senate passed a final proposal along Gang of Six lines, House Republicans would have to make the bill more concrete, more reliable in its mechanisms. And they'd probably have to make deeper cuts. Overshadowing all negotiations is the persistent threat of a credit downgrade. The senator at the bargaining table said that if a final bill doesn't contain "at least $4 trillion in cuts," we will get a downgrade, which would carry costs greater than the cuts in the Gang of Six plan.

Attempts to find a final compromise are delicate, with a lot of moving pieces. But the Gang of Six proposal is cause for encouragement. It could not be turned into specific legislation quickly. Gang of Six member Kent Conrad said Thursday morning it could take six months to get it all done and through the appropriate committees. But President Obama signaled this week, for the first time, that he might back a temporary debt ceiling increase to allow work to continue.

That's good. But a note on his efforts in the drama. It is time for the president to get out of the way.

For the longest time he wouldn't engage, and now he's engaged. For the longest time he didn't care about spending, and now he cares about spending. Good, both in terms of policy and for him. But his decision to become engaged has become a decision to dominate, to have his face in front of the television with his news conferences, pronouncements, and what his communications people are probably calling his "ownership" of any final agreement. He's trying to come across as the boss, the indispensable man, the leader. And, of course, the reasonable one.

That's all very nice and part of Political Positioning 101, but at this point it's not helping. He's becoming box-office poison. His numbers are falling. The RealClearPolitics composite job approval poll rating has him down six points since June 2, when the debt ceiling crisis began. That fall, from 52% to 46%, exactly tracks his heightened media presence and his increased attempts to be seen as dominant. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, said that if he ran for president today he'd lose, that his job numbers are "worse than they appear," and that he continues to have real trouble with undecided voters.

And if you've watched him lately, you know why. When he speaks on the debt negotiations, he is not only extremely boring, with airy and bromidic language—really they are soul-killing, his talking points—but he never seems to be playing it straight. He always seems to be finagling, playing the angles in some higher game that only he gets. In 2½ years, he has reached the point that took George W. Bush five years to reach: People aren't listening anymore.” Wall St Journal

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At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Mason said...

thank God the House is congtrolled by the tea party..if left to the Democrats this country would be under by 2012.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

"People aren't listening anymore." That is a quote for the books. Personally, I can't stand Obama. I switch channels as soon as I see his mug on my screen. What really goes up my butt about this guy and the Democrats is that they are winning the propaganda war. Why is this? It has to be the wimps in the GOP. Why can't they be like Congressman Joe Walsh in his talking points with Chris "Tingle up my leg" Mathews, and give them all a genuine bona fide gotcha and beat them at their own game?
I guess some kind of a deal is better than no deal at all, but I'm not going to hold my breath. As long as we have this narcissistic, arrogant, inept president sticking his nose into it, I have a feeling that we'll be right back to square one again.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I can't understand how the Republicons hope to win an election by telling the voters that they want to balance the budget by cutting services to the public, but that they refuse to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans even if holding to that principle throws the world into economic chaos.

As a strategy, that sounds pretty stupid to me.

At 5:45 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

Anonymous, Your comment indicates a desire for class warfare, and raising income tax rates on the small-business job providers is what's really stupid.

Simple math also shows that taxing 100% of the incomes of those earning more than $250,000 doesn't come close to raising enough revenue. As in the past, we need growth, and we need to spread the tax collections over many more people.

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Anonymous, you need to stop watching NBC and start watching Fox News. Try to get both sides and do your own thinking. You need to break away from the far Left propaganda aimed at "useful idiots." Why do you think the far Left are trying to jump Rupert Murdock's bones right now? It's because Fox News poses a threat to them. Why do you think Fox ratings are so high? It's because savvy viewers are tired of being lied to and they know that Fox News will give them both sides to every issue. They don't skew the news or cherry pick what they want you to hear. If it's news, they stick it out there without playing favorites.
The "lame stream media" in this country has always portrayed George Bush as a liar, yet Barack Obama gets up every chance he gets and lies to the American People while contradicting himself in previous statements that he's made live. Fox News has all the film clips to prove this. This is the prime reason why Obama and the Democrats who think like him, would love to put an end to Fox News. So take the ring out of your nose and start doing your own thinking for a change.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balancing the budget will require a two pronged approach. We'll need spending cuts, true, but we'll also require revenue increases, not the one sided approach you tea baggers propose.

I would suggest that Joe start doing his own thinking and stop relying on Ruppert Murdoch to do it for him.


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