Monday, June 06, 2011

I Once Campaigned for Romney, Never Again

It is indeed ironic that people who live in Boston, the center of this country’s most advanced medical institutions, are increasingly finding that they have to go to New Hampshire to find a doctor. This situation, coupling shortages of doctors and medical facilities with greatly increased medical costs and is a system that is already failing, is the direct result of what people call “Romneycare”.

In 1994 I was Mitt Romney’s Campaign Coordinator for Bristol County in Massachusetts when he ran for the U.S. Senate against the incumbent, Ted Kennedy. I ended up disgusted with Romney. I was willing to work for him because he described himself as a conservative, but in the final weeks of the campaign he decided to get to the left of Kennedy. Obviously it didn’t do him any good.

Now we learn that Romney has decided to finesse the climate change issue, by declaring that “I believe the world’s getting warmer. I can’t prove that, but I believe based on what I read that the world is getting warmer”. He has obviously not read the temperature readings since 1998. In the past he has also switched positions on abortion at least three times.

There is no way that I can support Romney in his campaign for the Republican nomination. My candidate is Sarah Palin, the only person who has been reviled for being a wholesome person. Until lately, I didn’t think Sarah could beat Obama, but now, considering the rest of the field and the necessity to explain why only a plan like the Ryan plan can save Medicare for our children, I believe she has the best chance. The thing I like best about Sarah is that I trust her instincts to do the right thing in the face of grey and complex issues.

Of course, if Romney wins the nomination I will support him, because, flawed as he is, Romney would still be a much better president than Obama.


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At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not vote for Romney under any circumstances. But I predict he will not come close to winning the nomination.

Romney was pro life, then pro choice. Now he is pro life. How does one go from upholding the sanctity of life to it's OK to kill babies? Apparently he will sell his soul to win an election.

He is a low life.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

I agree with everything you just mentioned. Romney-care is in the hole for 20 billion. There's no possible way that they can pay for it. It is a failed flawed plan which is very similar to Obamacare. The saddest thing about it is that Romney absolutely will not admit this. To me, it's a monkey on his back just like his views on Global Warming which anyone with the brains that God gave a chipmunk should know by now is a big hoax. Other than that, Romney is a waffler like Kerry. He waits to see which way the wind is blowing.
With that said, I feel the same way you do. If Romney makes the cut, I'm compelled to hold my nose and vote for him in the same way I voted for McCain. I have nothing good to say about McCain so I'll leave it at that.
Now Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman. The only reason why the Liberals are trying to knock her down is because they fear her like they will inevitablyly come to fear the wrath of God. I've been saying this for a long time now; The proof is in the pudding with Sarah Palin. She has a better standing record than any one governor that I've ever known. There has probably only been two in the State of CA, Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson but the latest trends are the new governors like Scott Walker WI, Chris Christy NJ, and John Kasich OH. These people are making a big difference because they are cutting spending and preparing a budget. I also believe that Governor Sarah Palin can and will do the same if she runs and gets in. We need to go back to the old ways of handling money or we're going to go down the drain financially like Spain, Greece, and Portugal. I want to see someone in the GOP who is electable and I'm hoping that it just isn't Willard M. Romney.


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