Saturday, April 09, 2011

New Respect for Boehner

I have to admit, I didn’t think the Republicans could pull this off. I have to admit, I was sure that the Democrats would lie, distort, dissemble, outmaneuver, and out-hype (with the collusion of a willing press) the Republicans on the budget and force a government shutdown that would be blamed on and cost the Republicans the election in 2012.

I was especially convinced that this would happen when so many Republicans started to insert pet projects and beliefs into the negotiations (such as defunding PBS, Planned Parenthood and the EPA). YES, I want PBS, Planned Parenthood and the EPA defunded. I also want the Department of Education and the Department of Energy shut down, but this was not the time for that – not when the chance for a complete sweep in 2012 is a real possibility.

I was so sure that the Republicans would be outmaneuvered, partly due to their own, political ineptness, that I was ready to opt out and just enjoy my life as best I could – and join the main crowd that walks around with their heads in the sand.

Kudos to Speaker Boehner for achieving this deal and starting us down the road to fiscal sanity. It’s just a small start, but it’s a start. Now let’s focus on the election in 2012. Some good things are happening – in DC, in Wisconsin, in Ohio and beyond.


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At 6:35 AM, Anonymous mason said...

The first glimmer of hope for this country..the Wisconsin race is close but in the right direction...when nearly 50% are on the dole or not paying taxes...this is offers real hope that this mess can turn around...just barely. I don't look for wide margins of victory.but victory can be achieved. What is very hopeful is that the Republicans seem to have turned the corner and the tea party has gained alot of respect..we just have to make sure some of the more radical fringes don't screw it up...thanks for the article and pray for the best

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider that those poison pills might well have been negotiating strategy only. If so, it was brilliant. REPs got what they want (even more)...and democrats are claiming a win (and even credit).....If it was about the $$ the whole time, this was brilliant.



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