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Obama and Holder and Their Massive Failure to Think

Obama and Holder and Their Massive Failure to Think

By Kyle-Anne Shiver November 22, 2010 American Thinker

Well, the bubble of Obama supremacy has finally exploded in all our faces and is now lying in tatters, with little giblets of its former hot-air glory spread from here to kingdom come. The candidate who played his "Peace is just an Obama speech away" tune to the easily bamboozled left has just been dealt the final blow that crashed the big, fat hot air balloon.

The very first test case was just last week: a former Gitmo detainee, brought to NYC to be tried as a civilian with all the rights of a genuine American citizen, was found guilty on a single picayune count from a list of 280-plus murder charges.

Ahmed Ghailani was found guilty by a civilian jury on a single count of conspiracy to destroy government buildings. Never mind the hundreds murdered by means of the TNT bought by this enemy combatant, obeying the orders of his own commander in chief, Osama bin Laden. Due to constitutional protections gratuitously bestowed on him by President Barack Obama and the Department of Injustice, Ahmed Ghailani will soon be sentenced to serve a couple of decades in an American prison (minus time served, for sure), where he likely will sue the people of the United States of America over and over again with some trumped-up "cruel and unusual punishment" claim.

Wherever he is, Osama bin Laden is having one heck of a great laugh right this minute as he watches Western civilization shoot itself again, again, again, and again in the foot.

What we have here is a great, big, fat failure to think. A failure to think beyond the next sentence. A failure to give an ounce of credit to the president in charge on 9/11 and the thousands of career security personnel who devised the enemy combatant plan and engineered Gitmo to hold these bad guys indefinitely as the prisoners of war that they are. A complete failure to think through possible outcomes and plan around them.

Obama & Company have been called the Keystone Cops too many times to count. But they are far, far worse than mere incompetents. They are blowhards who believe in their own mental and moral superiority to the point where they put all Americans at gratuitous risk.

In the very first month of his presidency, Barack Obama announced the closing of Gitmo within one year. That one was a wash before the words ever cleared his teleprompter-enabled mouth.

Immediately after this thoughtless announcement, Obama moved to shut down the military tribunals set to take place at Gitmo. Despite the huge sums of taxpayer money spent on the Gitmo enterprise, Obama was ready to throw all that away on another of his liberal dream schemes. But the political will had evaporated in the Congress, and the funds to do all this were refused. If Obama had merely thought this through before the big announcement, he could have saved himself and us a lot of embarrassment, not to mention dollars.

Then Holder decided to release for public consumption hundreds of formerly classified CIA memos on prisoner interrogation despite the erstwhile bipartisan pleas of former CIA heads and many other experts. This sent a message to the entire world that our new leader would prefer to sacrifice our own valiant security officers on the altar of his political fantasies than to protect American citizens. And it told the entire Islamic terrorist network exactly how we had interrogated their comrades in arms and simultaneously sent the message that we would surrender rather than fight smart and tough in the future.

As if that were not enough, Holder soon announced -- with Obama's enthusiastic backing -- that the 9/11 terrorists would be gifted with full-court-press civilian trials in NYC, mere blocks from Ground Zero. Another massive-beyond-massive failure to think. No one in the whiz-kid cadre at the White House bothered to check with NYC and NY state officials first. Neither did they pre-gauge the furious public reaction. Neither did anyone think to check the budget problems of New York.

To make matters even more horrible, the latest shot at the bubble of Obama supremacy -- the failed civilian trial of Ahmed Ghailani -- comes at a time when real American citizens are voluntarily giving up their own right to fly upon their own airplanes due to overzealous, most likely unconstitutional searches.

Tempers are flaring daily at security checkpoints. Lawsuits are being filed. Petitions are being mounted. The citizenry is quite nearly so distraught over this disgusting double standard that it'll be a wonder if the airline industry can survive this latest Obama failure to think.

If these completely arbitrary naked scans and gropings of American citizens by the TSA could actually protect us from terrorists, then perhaps we would be willing to go along with them. But surely it has already occurred to the terrorists -- even if it has not occurred to our brilliant president and his beyond-brilliant secretary of homeland security -- that all they need to do now is use package bombs instead of people. Right -- they did that. And they have also figured out that neither the high-tech scanners nor the sexually molesting pat-downs will detect explodable things put into their little body cavities.

Now, since it is a documented fact that the modern terrorist is a Muslim male somewhere between the ages of 17 and 40, we should begin to put on our little thinking caps and realize that if Islam is indeed a religion of peace, then all that inbreeding has caused vast numbers of Muslim males to completely take seriously the dozens of dicta in the Koran to kill all infidels. In reality, no one gives a tiny whit why they blow people up, what religion they are, or how hard they had it as kids, much less if they got here because of consanguinity. The only thing any decent person cares about is stopping these Muslim males before they kill us all and put their imams in power.

Do any of these so-called smart people in the executive branch of our federal government understand that the only way to win any war is by singling out the enemy (profiling!) and vowing to destroy them before they destroy you? Dying in the name of political correctness does not appeal to truly intelligent people. And the Obama Doctrine of sucking up to Islam is nothing but a suicide pact made between utterly stupid people and the enemies who have sworn to destroy us all.

Failure to think on such a grand scale as the one we are currently witnessing from Obama & Co. is just cause to consider the possibility that this president cares far more about the rights of terrorists than he does about the citizens whom he has sworn to protect and defend.

Would some smart American please let me know when we can begin to use the word "impeach"? Until then, I am holed up in my own little household bunker -- grounded by idiots -- until further notice.

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker. She welcomes your comments at


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At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

I could say that Obama is an incompetent who should never have been elected to the presidency, and that he's the worst US Present since Jimmy Carter but I'd only be reiterating that which I have been saying all along in this blog. I have no respect whatsoever for Barack Obama because for a supposedly intelligent man, he isn't even his "own man." He's nothing but a puppet for George Soros and all the far Left Hollywood pinheads. I'm ashamed to call Obama my President and what's more, I refuse to call him my President because I voted for the American! I may have held my nose when I voted for John McCain, but at least he's more of an American than Barack Husein Obama.


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