Saturday, August 28, 2010

What do I Want From Muslims?

What do I Want From Muslims? What would shut me up?

My readers are well-aware of my campaign to warn America of the dangers posed by Muslim terrorists and by various attempts to impose Sharia law in a series of hardly-noticeable steps. They are accomplishing Sharia-compliance in England and in other European countries. Just as California provides insights into America’s future on most matters, Europe provides a warning example as to the intentions and successes of Muslim organizations.

1. Move the Cordoba “victory” mosque away from “Ground Zero” and change its name; also change the design of the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania so that it honors the brave passengers and crew who died there, and NOT the terrorists who took it down.

2. Stop funding and making excuses for Islamic terrorists. Every Muslim leader I have heard discussing Islamic terrorists tip toes in their condemnations and then goes on to make excuses and whine about being unfairly treated. Of course the rest of us are angry about all the murderous acts of terrorism happening every day.

3. Break the wall of silence presented by so-called moderate Muslims about terrorism. Speak out publicly and daily and condemn their butchery. If you believe your religion does not support their actions, say so loudly and clearly.

I can understand why citizens of Muslim countries are afraid to speak out, but why should American Muslims be afraid?

4. Renounce the Sharia as being totally out of place in America, and close or reform all those mosques that teach and indoctrinate Sharia law.

5. Acknowledge the incredible assistance given by Americans to Muslims in places like Bosnia, Kosovo and Indonesia, plus the costly removal of the butcher of Baghdad.

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