Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missouri Rejects Obamacare, Mass. to Follow?

This morning we learned that Missouri voters opted out of Obamacare by a 3 to 1 vote yesterday. We also learned recently that it will cost American businesses billions to process the added 1099’s that the Obamacare legislation requires. When business leaders pointed this out, a Democrat panel told them to shut up about it.

Now we have also learned that Massachusetts’ doctors are showing us what doctors across the nation are getting ready to do – refuse to treat Obamacare enrollees:

Rx needed for Mass. doctor shortage

Physicians: Health-care reform has had ill effects

By Christine McConville , August 3, 2010 (Excerpt)

"Dr. Kate Atkinson, a primary care physician with a busy practice in Amherst, doesn’t accept new patients.

Massachusetts, we have a problem.

The Bay State spent about $32 million this year to enroll people in the state’s health insurance.

But good luck finding a doctor.

The Pulse called 10 family doctors at random yesterday, saying we had just signed up with MassHealth - the public insurance option for the poor - and needed a routine physical exam.

It took a while, but we finally got past voice mail and reached human beings in seven doctors’ offices.

Only one of them, Dr. Richard Dupee of Wellesley, said he would see us.
“It’s bad,” Dupee told The Pulse after we dropped the ruse, referring to the shortgage of primary care doctors.

Since 2006, when the state’s sweeping health-care overhaul passed, 184,000 Bay Staters have enrolled in MassHealth.

But during that time, the wait for healthy people to get in and see a doctor has skyrocketed to an average 50 business days for an appointment with a family doctor. Assuming you can find one.

The truth is, more doctors are simply refusing to see new patients because they say they can barely do enough to treat their current ones." Boston Herald



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