Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Mother and Senator Kennedy

When Senator Kennedy passed away, I honored the convention not to speak ill of the dead, although I hated him. Something happened today that brought it all back.

Norma is caring for an elderly aunt who lives in senior citizens housing. When she returned today she told me that her aunt places a chair under her doorknob when she goes to bed. Why does she do this in a secure building? Because she is afraid of some of the residents who are not elderly, but are mentally disabled and do crazy things.

This immediately brought back images of my own mother, who, after living peacefully for a time in a nice senior citizens building, suddenly became terrified of living there. It seems that Senator Kennedy, with his warped, liberal mind, decided that senior citizens housing would be a great place for disabled adults to live, as well as senior citizens. He pushed for, and had passed, a bill to accomplish this change in the determination of who would be eligible to live in this housing – formerly reserved for elderly only. Of course, the term, “disabled”, meant mentally disabled as well as physically disabled. This change opened the door for many dangerous people to become tenants of “senior citizens housing”.

Since the Senator’s action, I would guess that millions of elderly people have lived in fear, and many have been subject to physical attacks. Oh well, just another case of the unintended consequences of a liberal program. Of course, this nasty bit of liberal meddling is very minor compared to some other measures – a few of which I list here:

1. AFDC Welfare – which has destroyed black families in America and created an underclass of vicious, illiterate savages that we cannot build prisons fast enough to keep them off our streets. Prior to Welfare, the percentage of black, single mothers was the same as for white, single mothers.

2. Banning of DDT – which killed millions of poor Africans (especially children) from malaria until the World Health Organization stepped in to modify the ban.

3. Forcing banks to give mortgages to deadbeats –which created a housing crisis and a credit meltdown not seen in America since Depression days and created an opportunity for wild speculation by ordinary Americans and on Wall Street.

Liberals have destroyed our culture, our money, our educational system and civility in politics, but at least these have mostly been unintended consequences of their actions and beliefs. What we are experiencing now is unprecedented in American history – the deliberate destruction of our country’s foundations by liberals who are really socialists, and who actually hate our country.

Policies creating continued unemployment and business stagnation, the disorganization and hampering of efforts to stop and clean the oil spill, the insulting of friendly nations and the cozying up to enemies, the passing of major bills that aim to take wealth from producers and give it to non-producers, the efforts to include reparations for blacks that are hidden in many bills – these are not in the category of unintended consequences; they are deliberate attempts to reduce America to a second class nation.

A prominent psychiatrist once wrote a book in which he claimed that liberalism is really a mental disease. I never really agreed with that until I began witnessing the policies and pronouncements of the Obama Administration.

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