Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Green Zone" - A Review

Today I finally watched the DVD video, "Green Zone", the most outrageous piece of left-wing junk propaganda I've ever seen. The movie stars the liberal Matt Damon, one of the most ignorant of Hollywood personalities who are always commenting on subjects about which they know nothing.

The theme of this movie is that the Bush Administration knew that there were no WMD in Iraq (Bush lied) well before we went there to remove Saddam and encourage the emergence of democracy there. To this end the film shows Special Forces soldiers loyal to Bush attacking and even murdering other American soldiers who were looking for and not finding WMD. Matt Damon's role is that of a Warrant Officer who began to question whether there ever were WMD recently in Iraq. Damon is hunted down by Special Forces soldiers in order to kill him and silence him.

The movie is ridiculous, but it is well-done and interesting if you can watch it without throwing up.


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