Sunday, April 25, 2010

Liberals through History

Some have asked why, after over 1121 aticles, I stopped posting to my blog after Obamacare was rammed through against the will of the people and using secret, corrupt and shoddy methods and lies. My answer is that I will resume when Representative Democracy resumes, and important decisions are made after discussion and discourse leads to informed consent.

In the past, when the will of the people has been ignored, many turned to violence of necessity.

We will watch closely to see what happens with Cap and Trade and Amnesty for Illegals - both of which are opposed by large majorities of the American people.

First the liberals destroyed the value of our money - principally through the policies of Roosevelt, Johnson and Carter, which led to hyper-inflation. This is happening again under Obama.

Then the liberals destroyed our culture, glorifying the use of abortion as a birth-control method, and glorifying the use of drugs and casual sex. The result of this glorification of abortion, drugs and hook-up sex can be seen all around us as our civilization crumbles. Our movies and television programs reflect this crumbling.

Then the liberals destroyed our schools and our colleges, dumbing down the curricula and substituting the study of meaningless programs (womens' studies and African-American studies) for an appreciation of the art, literature and science of western culture - and turning public schools into laboratories for social experimentation instead of places of disciplined learning.

Then the liberals destroyed the finest healthcare system in the world - and with it the whole idea of representative democracy - the greatest gift ever given to the common man. Do the liberals not understand the wretched condition of the common man throughout history until Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution changed everything? Do the liberals not know any history at all - a history littered with the failures of Socialism (or statism in its many forms) and littered with the dead bodies of hundreds of millions killed by the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot - killed mainly because they opposed state control?

Now the liberals are Hell-bent to destroy our ability to defend ourselves, insulting and double-crossing our allies, canceling vitally-needed defensive programs and even refusing to call the terrorism of monstrous Islamic fundamentalists for what it is - a war to reimpose a Caliphate from Spain to India, a Caliphate where non-Muslims will once again be second class citizens and subject to the crazy and vicious laws of the Sharia.

We cannot let President Obama continue on this course.


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