Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Taste of Their Own Medicine? No

I have decided to keep posting articles I think should be brought to the attention of my readers, but I have to suspend publication of new posts that I write until I get my anger under control.

As a respecter of truth and (I think) as a decent person, I don’t want to act in the mean-spirited way that so many liberals do. For eight years now, we have had to contend with a concerted drive by liberals to destroy the reputation and the moral authority of President Bush through a campaign of lies and smears, and even a book written encouraging his assassination and a movie depicting it. They do this all the while as Bush has struggled to fight terrorism and also nicely balance our Constitutional liberties with the needs of the war we are in. One of the most aggravating smears has been the stupid nonsense of the “Selected, Not Elected” mantra and bumper stickers, as if we did not know what happened in Florida in 2000. Before that we watched Judge Bork and Justice Thomas and others be destroyed with smears. We don’t do this: why do they? Unlike conservatives, this kind of vicious behavior is not limited to the fringe – it represents mainstream liberalism with Obama, Pelosi and Reid and other leading Democrats as active participants.

In this most recent presidential campaign we also witnessed the unbelievable sliming of Sarah Palin because of her traditional beliefs and her exemplary life and record. All of the smears came apart under examination, but Winston Churchill was right when he said that, “a lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on”. Post election polls have shown that most Obama voters heard only the lies; the mainstream press was careful not to publicize the truth about Governor Palin, nor did they publicize some unpleasant facts about Obama.

We conservatives do have to realize that we are in a war without rules of conduct and decency. It is not a war of our own choosing, but it is a war, and we are losing. We have to fight back, or they are going to wipe us out.

On the other hand, recently I have written three articles that I decided to scrap. I decided to scrap them because I decided that I am so angry that the articles I wrote were mean-spirited, and I don’t want to sink to the level occupied by those millions of liberals who smear people like Bush, Palin, Bork and Thomas with disgusting lies – basically because these conservatives believe in traditional values and that America remains the hope of the world. What a change in moral values over the course of my lifetime when someone who does NOT agree with unlimited abortion and infanticide is smeared as an evil person! And when they smear them they smear you and me as well.

My friend, Mason, who is a serious student of American history, points out to me that politics has always been a rough sport here. I agree, but my response is that I have followed politics closely since I was a child, even remembering the Truman-Dewey campaign of 1948, and I have never seen candidates widely accused of horrible things like causing their own child’s Downes Syndrome (as Alan Colmes and other Obamaites did). I also remember that in 1960, when Richard Nixon had good cause to throw the presidential election into the courts, this man Nixon, who many regard as evil incarnate, put his country first, unlike what Al Gore did.

I will resume publishing original articles when my anger and my bitterness are under better control. Until then I will continue to post other articles here.


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At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good book to read is called "Deliverance" by Fr. Michael Scanlon, the former President of the Fransican University of Steubenville OH. It deals with the 3 ways that Demon spirits can provoke people.
1. Oppression, 2. Obsession, and 3. Possession. 1 & 2 are more prevalent in the world than we think. The world wants us to deny that.
Remember that the Catholic Church still has the rite of Exorcism.
In his writings to Youth Ministers, Fr. Scanlon would say that one way to know that you are doing the Work of the Lord, can be measured by the amount "attack" that you feel from the world.
When your "Work" is having a positive effect on young people, the Devil doesn't want you to succeed. If you are having the traditional Warm Fuzzy - little effect, you don't get bothered.
Thus I can safely say that based on my knowledge and experience of things, that President Bush has been doing the work of a Man of Faith, and the attacks he has endured for 8 years are actually proof of his working as needed in recorded history.
Similar to Ronald Reagan and Pope JPII.
Ironic that SPIKE TV ran the original STAR WARS movie last night as I eagerly listened to Alec Guiness describe to Luke Skywalker all about the FORCE and the Powers of the FORCE that can help us.
Christians call that "FORCE" the Holy Spirit. I tap into it frequently and I'm confident that George Bush does regularly.

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have become a fan of your blog, and as an amateur blogger I have grappled with the same issues, sometimes surrendering to my emotions.

Conservatives will gain no traction using the angry techniques the left has employed against President Bush; it will backfire.

We must stick to facts and logic and learn when to keep our powder dry.

You're a good writer and thinker. I trust you will be able to write from the heart and head, set it aside for 24 hours, edit out the intemperate stuff, and publish an effective piece of work.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger René O'Deay said...

Take some time away from politics, news and NP. Anger will not serve you well, esp. at your age. Don't want to lose another friend to anger.
The tables will soon turn, in at least some of the media. For the rest, remember the remote.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of what is going on today in this country, and particularly in my state of Massachusetts, really gets me burning mad. I'm wondering constantly where it's all going to lead us. I don't have much time on this earth but what little time I have left will be spent fighting for conservative Christian values and the traditions that I value and have come to love through the years. Only truth, can conquer and preserve our freedoms. It's our job to make sure that the truth is known, not only for our benefit, but the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger road warrior said...

well i respect the lack of bashing that goes on here but give us a piece of your mind! I want to hear it. The liberal illuminati give us there two sense all the time so let's hear it from some others.


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