Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ten Seconds that Will Win the Election

Everyone who watched the Republican convention saw a scene of unscripted beauty unfold that told a story of family love and big (little) sister devotion that brought tears to most of us. It told us more about the qualities of Sarah Palin than any speech or examination of her record could. It told us that a woman with five children successfully holding down one of the toughest jobs in the United States managed to raise a family that loves and respects one another. It showed us a little girl lovingly holding and grooming her baby brother. It showed us the soul of the Palin family.

Below is a photograph of the McCain Family, including the daughter from Bangladesh Cindy brought home for special surgery when she went there on a humanitarian mission. The McCain’s later adopted her. The Obama people are now trying to smear Cindy as a drug addict because, for a time, she became addicted to pain killers after a painful medical situation. Obama, himself, sneeringly ridiculed McCain for not using e-mail, perhaps not realizing that McCain cannot use a computer because of the aftereffects of the torture he received in Vietnam. Obama should also realize that presidents do not send e-mails.

Arrayed against John McCain and Sarah Palin is the ticket of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. Until late in his campaign, Obama refused to salute our flag or wear a flag pin, as shown in the first photograph. The next photos show the flags left in the trash by the Democrats after the close of their convention this summer. The flags were rescued by Republican workers and handed out to Republican activists for display and proper disposal.

The last picture is the most disturbing to patriotic Americans. It symbolizes Obama’s close, 20-year friendship with his pastor, Reverend Wright, who, among other things, preaches that the people who died in 9/11 deserved it, and that the U.S. Government invented AIDS to kill black people. This relationship has never been adequately explained, probably because the truth of the matter would be devastating. The strange relationship between Obama and the terrorist bomber, William Ayers, also has never been explained. It can’t be. It is unfathomable.

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At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really amazes me the most is, most dyed in the wool Democrats don't even want to hear about Obama's ties to Marxists professors, hate mongers, and former terrorists. They just dismiss these facts because they're proud to be Democrats. How stupid can you be? The bare facts are right there staring them in the face, and they are still stupid enough to support a guy like Obama. I tried to explain to a guy down the street last week that Obama was a bad choice for president. He said, "what don't you like about him, the fact that he's black?" I told him that this is a typical Liberal question. Instead of debating what this guy stands for, they inject race into it. I tried to explain that color has nothing to do with it. In fact, I'd much prefer a black Conservative such as Alan Keyes over a Secular Progressive Socialist such as Barack Obama. In our conversation, this uninformed dope starts blaming Bush for the high gasoline and oil prices. Where has this dumb schmuck been for the last eight years? I think that some of these people know more about "American Idol" than they know of what is taking place around them. I'm getting tired of arguing politics with people who suffer from Rectal Cranial Inversion Disorder.


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