Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN Covers Itself in Glory (Another Word for Manure)

The ambush of Republican presidential candidates by CNN last night should remove any doubts in the minds of fair-minded citizens about CNN’s and Anderson Cooper’s bias and total commitment to the Democratic Party. Normally I don’t like to cover events that are well-covered in the media and by other blogs, but this occurrence was so blatant and so revealing that every attempt to shine light on it must be made. It not only documents the extent to which CNN will go to sandbag Republicans, but it also highlights the “dirty tricks” the Democratic campaigns are capable of.

'Gay question' general linked to Clinton
By: Kenneth P. Vogel, The Politico, November 29, 2007 (Excerpt)

“The retired general who asked about gays and lesbians serving in the military at the CNN/YouTube Republican debate on Wednesday is a co-chair of Hillary Clinton's National Military Veterans group.

Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr was named a co-chair of the group this month, according to a campaign press release.

He was also active in John F. Kerry's 2004 campaign for president.

Kerr asked candidates “why you think that American men and women in uniform are not professional enough to serve with gays and lesbians.”” November 29,07

“Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough scoffed at the notion that no one at CNN was aware of retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr's involvement with the Clinton campaign.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: This is twice now in a couple of weeks that CNN has been ensnarled in a Clinton controversy. Before with James Carville sitting there giving his opinions despite the fact that he's contributed to Hillary Clinton, obviously worked for Bill Clinton, he sent out letters saying we really need to fight hard for Hillary Clinton. They didn't even mention it. And again, the damndest thing.

And last night, not only do they have this guy delivering a YouTube video, they also had him there sitting in the audience, they had a shot with him [more than a shot. Anderson Cooper asked whether he was satisifed with the answers he had received and grilled Romney over his answer. Kerr himself made an extended comment from the floor]. It's Bill Bennett [who was a CNN post-debate panelist], it is up to Bill Bennett to explain to CNN, and don't tell me that CNN didn't know, that some people at CNN did not know, that he was part of the Clinton campaign. Don't lie to me.

Michelle Malkin has already done a complete job of exposing the other planted questioners. Cross-posted from her blog:

Digging out more CNN/YouTube plants: Abortion questioner is declared Edwards supporter (and a slobbering Anderson Cooper fan); Log Cabin Republican questioner is declared Obama supporter; lead toy questioner is a prominent union activist for the Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers

By Michelle Malkin • November 29, 2007 12:47 AM
Welcome to Horticulture Journalism 101. (Keep scrolling down for new updates to this handy CNN/YouTube illustrated plant guide.)

Concerned Young Undecided Person “Journey” = John Edwards supporter “Journey”

Concerned Undecided Log Cabin Republican supporter David Cercone = Obama supporter David Cercone

Concerned Undecided Mom LeeAnn Anderson = Activist for the John Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers union LeeAnn Anderson

Concerned Undecided Gay Military Retiree Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr = Hillary/Kerry supporter and anti-”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” activist Keith H. Kerr

The best thing about Republicans agreeing to do the CNN/YouTube debate is that it created yet another invaluable opportunity to expose CNN’s abject incompetence.

Retired Brig. Gen./gays in the military lobbyist/Hillary-Kerry supporter Keith H. Kerr wasn’t the only plant at the CNN/YouTube debate. The plant uncovering is in full-swing over at Free Republic.

Example: “Journey,” a.k.a. “Paperserenade,” the girl who asked an abortion question, is a declared John Edwards supporter.

You couldn’t tell from the video that CNN aired, where she’s wearing a plain shirt:

But if you click through on her YouTube profile, you see her latest video in response to the candidates’ answers. And she’s prominently wearing…her John Edwards ‘08 t-shirt:
In case CNN’s eyesight is impaired:

How, you ask, should CNN have known? Well, on her YouTube profile, this woman links to her personal blog, where her user profile makes her political leanings crystal clear:

Turns out “Journey/” “paperserenade” is also a big slobbering Anderson Cooper fan. She posted this video a month ago exulting that “Anderson Cooper said my name!” during a CNN viewer comment segment. She wrote, “Horrible video, but at least I’ve got some type of recording of this event that has made my week!:”

On her blog, she posted an Anderson Cooper segment from VH1 with the following comment: “Anderson officially had the Best Week Ever for the week of 10/26/07, and looked more delicious than a pic-i-nic basket while doing so. And lookie, I found the video and uploaded it to Youtube for y’all. :D”

Update: And another one…Brian McMurphy at SixMeatBuffet (hat tip See-Dubya) notes that David Cercone, the Pompano Beach, Florida, man who asked the question about Log Cabin Republicans, is a declared Obama supporter.
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At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a whiner. You don't want Republicans questioned by anyone but Fox News and Republican plants who lob softball questions. The whole idea is to have the candidates answer the tough questions so that the public learns where they stand.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

It's not about the candidates and the questions; they handled the questions fine. It's about the dishonesty of CNN.

At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They used to call CNN the "Clinton News Net work." Now it's called the "Corrupt News Network" and their TV ratings have been slowly going down the toilet along with NBC. I can't understand why they even have any viewers at all, except that some people must enjoy being lied too. I'll stick with Fox News. At least you can get both sides to the story with no cherry picking and omissions. The people with limited resources or no brains can watch what they like. I suppose that is why they have stupid programs such as "Girls Gone Wild."


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