Monday, October 15, 2007

Senator Reid’s Ratings Plummet

All is not lost. It appears that Nevadans, in general, are just as outraged at Senator Harry Reid’s attempts to smear Rush Limbaugh as are the rest of us (well, fair-minded people anyway). Senator Reid’s favorability ratings in Nevada have plummeted, while his unfavorability ratings have risen sharply since May. Perhaps also Reid’s attempts to denigrate our military and torpedo the war effort, and his cries that we have already “lost” the War on Terror also have something to do with this development.

Sen. Reid's Favorable Ratings Tank
Posted by TOM BEVAN, RealClearPolitics, October 15, 2007

Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Senator Harry Reid's favorable rating in Nevada has "plunged dramatically," according to a new poll. Currently, Reid's favorable rating is at 32%, while his unfavorable rating is at 51%, a net 23-point drop from the last poll taken in early May when Reid scored a 46/42 favorable/unfavorable rating.

Ball reports this is the first time Reid's unfavorable rating has eclipsed his favorable rating. It also puts him below the favorable ratings recorded by President Bush and radio host Rush Limbaugh, among others:

Senator John Ensign 51/19
Bill Clinton 51/37
Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman 42/17
Hillary Clinton 38/51
Rush Limbaugh 34/50
President Bush 34/53
Senator Harry Reid 32/51
Governor Jim Gibbons 30/29

Pollster Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon offered a wry observation of Reid and Limbaugh's similar ratings: "That's how polarizing Harry Reid has become. But Rush is trying to be polarizing. Reid just does it anyway."


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At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got in contact with Harry Reid last week and told him just what I thought of him and also sent out emails to my friends with a copy of the words that I had with Reid, along with his reply. One of my friends said; "I don't know why you want to waste your time doing that, he isn't going to read it anyway." "But of course, if it makes you feel better doing it, then it's okay I guess." I'm really delighted to hear that my efforts along with others have made a big impact on the way Reid is viewed. So all I have to say is; It was well worth the effort, and I'm glad that I exposed him for what he really is, which is a liar, hypocrite , and a political hack. I also copied and pasted your entry about Reid's popularity rating, and I sent it to my friend with a, "told you so."

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. and the WEASEL is on the fast slide to single digit approval ratings after all... but hey the Congress led by such strong leadership ( JOKE JOKE) of Reid and Pelosi ( jokes jokes) is already there!!!


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