Friday, October 26, 2007

Philly Punishes Scouts Over 'Gay' Issue

Philly Punishes Scouts Over 'Gay' Issue
Raises rent for building use by $199,999 a year

October 20, 2007, (Excerpt)

“Prompted by opposition to the Boy Scouts' rule disqualifying homosexuals as troop leaders, Philadelphia has forced the city's local chapter to pay fair-market rent of $200,000 a year for its city-owned headquarters.

As WND reported in June, Philadelphia's city council voted to renege on a 1928 ordinance allowing the Cradle of Liberty Council to have its headquarters in a building on a parcel of public land "in perpetuity" for $1 a year.

The city argues it can't rent public property for a nominal sum to any group that discriminates.

City officials in San Francisco and Boston have made similar decisions displacing the Scouts because of the group's behavior code.

Fairmount Park Commission president Robert N.C. Nix announced this week the Cradle of Liberty Council must pay the $200,000 rent if it wants to remain in the building after May 31.”

Would someone please explain to me exactly who would be in favor of a homosexual male in the role of a Boy Scout leader? I do not understand why the ACLU is out to destroy such a wonderful organization as the Boy Scouts, I certainly would never have allowed my boys to be in Scouting if homosexuals were known to be in its leadership.


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At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's like Hillary Clinton said, "we need to become Secular Progressives." Maybe we need to become hip and embrace an "anything goes" type of attitude and just do whatever feels good. We should all go to Frisco next year and watch the Folsom Street parade. Of course, you would have to go there because the Left Wing elite media in this country won't televise it, and I wonder why that is? So now we have to accept them, and we have always accepted them, but that wasn't enough for these people. We have to have them around our children. We have to have a school curriculum that teaches 6 and 8 year old kids about them. If you go to Disney World with your family and happen to be there during their "Gay Days," you're going to have these people in you face doing what they do in Province town. Now they can marry in Massachusetts, but they won't be happy with that. No! They are going to want to get married in a church or Synagogue, and the ACLU will be right there waiting in the wings if they get denied this so- called privilege. This is what it's all coming to. Don't be fooled that this is just a Liberal Democrat thing. I've seen more Republicans in my state who have signed on to this Gay issue.


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