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Machiavellian Plot Emerges Among Limbaugh Attackers

Machiavellian Plot Emerges Among Limbaugh Attackers
By Christopher G. Adamo, Oct 11, 2007,

Conservative Americans who witnessed the deliberate misinterpretation and unwarranted liberal hysterics over Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" commentary, will be tempted to brand the incident an isolated, albeit ridiculously overblown, effort to discredit the powerhouse of conservatism in America. Yet while this assessment is not entirely inaccurate, it reveals only the tip of a malevolent "iceberg."

To many people's amazement, the sorry episode drags on. Yet its protracted nature reveals the intentions of those who seek to execute a much darker and grander scheme.

It is true that, as a result of their exaggerated complaints and indignant screed, this continued droning of key liberal players and the Democrat Party faithful makes them appear petty, hypocritical, and buffoonish for their participation in this squabble. Moreover, Limbaugh is having his usual good time successfully portraying them this way. Yet, that is a price they are willing to pay, and moreover believe they are compelled to pay, being that their future political successes are so contingent on neutralizing him and his kind.

Make no mistake about it. Liberal America knows that, like liberalism in all of its other forms throughout human history, survival is only possible in an environment where it holds an absolute monopoly on the availability and sharing of information.

The moment real America can consider House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's characterization of the GOP as a "culture of corruption" while recalling Hillary's "cattle futures" debacle, weigh Al Gore's facade of environmental concern against his lavish lifestyle, or be reminded of the host of other glaring examples of liberal hypocrisy, its house of cards completely crumbles.

No less vulnerable upon close examination are liberal/Democrat programs ostensibly intended to help "the children," the supposedly "downtrodden" among the middle class, and that pervasive excuse for governmental meddling, the "little guy."

So if liberalism is to have any chance of dominance, the agenda absolutely requires the stifling of objectivity, analysis and most of all truth. Only then can its useful idiots be unleashed to mindlessly parrot the "party line" with even a shred of believability. Since he hit the airwaves in 1988, Limbaugh and all who follow his footsteps represent the greatest threat to the liberal strategy.

From the moment the left became aware of his presence on the national scene, it sought to neutralize him through various means. To begin with, it was hoped that he could be rendered ineffective simply by being ignored. But as his popularity exponentiated, that approach proved to be an utter failure. Next, he was ridiculed and demeaned as "just an entertainer." Yet again his widespread propagation of fact and valid information among engaged Americans rendered such catcalls immaterial.

In contrast to liberal attempts to characterize him as inconsequential, the enormity of his popularity highlighted an overwhelming desire on the part of real America for a revival of its heritage and traditional values, which fly in the face of blind liberal ideology. Thus with his success, a tidal wave of alternative media swept the country, effectively destroying the critically important information monopoly which is the only environment within which the malignancy of liberalism can survive and metastasize.

Eventually, liberals realized that against such a formidable bastion, nothing less than a concerted and orchestrated effort must be undertaken if they are ever again to enjoy their hegemony over the American political climate. It is therefore dangerous to assume that the current scrap was, in any way, the result of randomness or reactivity.

While the particular topic on which Limbaugh was attacked is secondary, the plan to engage him in such a vicious manner has likely been engineered for some time, awaiting only a viable excuse to launch

In retrospect, the overblown episode of liberal squalling and caterwauling which drove Don Imus from the airwaves a few months ago has turned out to be little more than a stage-setting "dry run" for this current effort. Having witnessed the success of the Imus critics, the liberal media/Democrat cabal is now emboldened to take on bigger quarry.

Look for Limbaugh to be the regular target of a host of new "controversies" and their subsequent "news stories" which will predictably employ such phrases as "in yet another firestorm" and "in the wake of more outrageous commentary."

Eventually, America will be told by "experts" and major pollsters that it is completely exhausted from the missteps of talk radio, and alternative media, along with every form of communication outside of the "mainstream media," and that the nation is indeed ready for a return to the former congeniality of the Fairness Doctrine.

In his increasingly unhinged arrogance, Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman of California now openly proclaims his intention to exploit the "phony soldier" commotion as justification to invoke the power of his office and every government resource available to him in an attack on free speech itself.

So while real America recoils at the ominous and venomous words and actions of Waxman and his kind, those who accept their liberal/media feeding via the nightly news will believe that a "civil discourse" can only be reestablished by putting Congressional Democrats in complete control of the debate. Censorship, in light of the brutal alternative, is really not such a bad thing after all

Democrat political fortunes are riding on the prospect that America is either blind or stupid enough to accept such a premise. Thus is the reasoned discourse and deliberation, by which the founders intended government to function in the best interests of the people, being destroyed. The nation teeters on the threshold of a slippery slope.

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At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long a people like Rush, and Bill O'Reilly can react quickly to these vicious attacks, I think they will fair well in their fight against these Left Wing Liberal scum bags. They do the Devil's work.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

Media Matters for America. Formed and supported by Hillary Rotten Clinton tested the theory of silencing her critic on "Don Imus". Using the Sharpton's and Jackson's of this world as her runners gave her the brilliant idea to push for all conservative talk show hosts against her could and should be silenced.

Don Imus made a mistake. But not so terrible to cause the loss of his job. Apparently the MSM has listened to MMFA more then they do to the real news. They buried the man.

MSNBC and CBS caved because in the long run they are very liberal and believe in the Democrat lefties. Maybe a promise was made to them.

But Don Imus should not be put down any longer. He will be back. And will take out Hillary and all thieves of our Great Nation.

Thank you for posting this. Your view is refreshing.

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny how a Left Wing stooge can call Juan Williams a "happy Negro" on public TV, and nobody on the Left says anything. There seems to be a double standard with these hypocrites. Where's "Dingy Harry" Reid when you need him?


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