Monday, September 24, 2007

Tom Brady Is a High Priced Bum

I’ve been a big supporter of the New England Patriots since they began playing in the old Schaeffer Stadium in the nineteen-seventies. I used to ride with one of my sons to the games on a motorcycle so we could weave through the horrendous traffic and chain the bike to the stadium fence. Until recently, Tom Brady, their brilliant quarterback, was one of my heroes; but, no more. He’s not a hero any more; he’s just a high-priced bum who just fathered another bastard into a society that is crumbling from the overwhelming number of fatherless children in our midst.

Others have noticed the phenomenon. One of my friends and fellow bloggers is John Carey, a retired, career naval officer. I have cross-posted from his site the following piece by another concerned writer. We’re not just old farts ruing change; we see it all going down the drain. We want to stop it and turn it around.

Forum: Rome had its decline as well

Civilization is not automatic. It is fragile, and can wither easily, and even die. There is a decay among us, a failure of civilization, a breakdown of the social structure essential to what we most consider our humanity.

It is not widespread, but neither is it rare. Like a disease it spreads through the social body, infecting and sickening and moving on to taint the healthy.

Civilization can be different things, depending on time and place and people. But any civilization must include certain traits to propagate and protect itself. If it lacks them, it fails. These traits are easily identifiable:

The ability to bear and rear children in a stable family environment.

The ability of individuals to support themselves.

The social ability to establish and sustain order.

The recognition of personal property.

The tendency to promote the general good.

Those things are civilization’s essential components. And for a growing number of Americans, in pockets of microculture, they do not exist.

If we don’t stop the spread of the social pathogen they represent, we will collapse as have other great societies.

Rome stopped being Rome primarily because its civilization frayed and tore, giving way to an anti-civilization, a backward savagery that brought it to its knees.

American anti-civilization is most common in our inner-cities and rural communities. From there it spreads into the vast American middle-class, happily snoozing in suburbia.

The symptoms? The failure of marriage. Not in individual divorce, but as a social institution of choice. Forty percent of children born in the United States today are born outside marriage. They never have the opportunity to truly belong to a family.

Most of their situations are flawed and even failed. They are not reared successfully, giving rise to further social pathology and destruction.

Increasingly, a class of people is flourishing which, under other circumstances, would starve to death. The dependent class, unable or unwilling to support itself materially, would naturally be self-limiting. But empowered by responsibility-deadening welfare checks, it is exploding

The danger to civilization cannot be overstated. People disconnected from their own sustenance have lives built upon a fundamentally false premise. They are, in effect, raiders — a lifestyle that always has tended toward tribalism, not civilization.

Civilization is the subjugation of the individual or group to the interest of the civil entity or imperative. Civilized people belong to a whole, the interests of which they see as somehow both essential to themselves and yet greater than themselves.

We are breeding people in America who see the civil as their enemy, whose lifestyles are predicated upon putting something over on the larger society and its structures.

Many them have an infantile view of property. Whatever they can put their hands on becomes theirs. Thievery is one manifestation, so too is callous disregard for the property of others. Rented apartments are trashed, public places and structures are vandalized, things are broken just for the thrill of breaking them.

Finally, the general good — that which will benefit the most — is not considered. The personal good or desire is paramount in all circumstances.

Civilization in America, in those regards, truly is decaying. The infection will grow geometrically. It must be fought and stopped now.

How? Through the children and through an almost missionary like preaching of a better way.

The specific weaknesses of the growing discivilization must be explained. People must be graciously and respectfully shown the weakness of their lifestyles. Those weaknesses must not be accepted in the mistaken cause of tolerance. Society also must more quickly remove children from situations that will ruin them.

Our civilization is weakening primarily because families are dissolving or never truly forming. Children must be spared that.

Will we as a society do anything about the decay beginning to engulf us? Probably not. And our very civilization is in great jeopardy as a result.
Commentator and talk show host. See

Editorial note:
What happened in New Orleans after Katrina was an instant glimpse into America’s future if we do not convert the AFDC portion of Welfare into an occasional use, emergency help program – and begin to disband the ‘welfare class’. Mr. Lonsberry actually understates the problem: since President Johnson launched the Great Society, black fatherless births have jumped to 75% and white fatherless births have jumped to 50% of all births


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At 7:49 PM, Blogger B Fan said...

Thank you for this lovely article exposing Tom Brady for who he is: a high price bum. As you know this woman who mothered the child was not a one night stand but a 3 year relationship. Love was around until a Supermodel issued him a challenge "not too shabby, but if he has a girlfriend, he's gay to me" and it was well known she had a crush on the QB. So he cheated on his relationship of 3 years. He could have, if he was truly a man, wedded the mother of his child. Instead he ignored her through the entire pregnancy and only showed up for the birth due to pressure of the public who demanded some attention. Since then he has not seen his son and never once said the name of his son in interviews or press conferences. The name is John, simple but yet Tom Brady cannot seem to bring himself to say his name. He could not give his son what his family supposedly gave to him, a close knit Catholic family. And to think that Tom Brady Sr. gave speeches at Catholic gatherings regarding fatherhood disgusts me.

One good that may come out of this is the mother of the child seems to be a very grounded person with great family support and can raise this child in the name of the Lord. She is shown yesterday attending church service and with the grace of God, the child will be cared for.

There is a group of women that have been blogging against Tom Brady and furiously writing sports media and companies that endorse him to raise the awareness of Tom Brady's immoral behavior! We blog on - just type in Bridget Moynahan.

I hope more people like yourself continue to write about this. The country needs to know that we should not condone to this type of behavior and boycott all magazines and products advertised by Tom Brady.

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take a different view...or would make another point. Not because I support Brady, not because I condone the behavior. Because he is a (hu)man.

Too often today, sports figures and Hollywood stars are viewed so differently. They are not Gods, not infallible. Some of them are good at acting or have a particular physical gift or special talent. Some do not even have that (brittany/Paris) They do not belong on pedestals, they are not super heroes. They are men/women who have some fame. That's all.

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Brady needs to do less extracurricular activities in regards to modeling and spending time with his nasty transvestite man-face slut girlfriend. It is pretty sad that he chooses to do those activities during his free time away from football. What he has seen his son ONE TIME since he was born pretty sad!! Giselle is soooo soooo ugly without make-up. How can he stand waking up next to her when he could have been waking up next to Bridget. She is beautiful even without an ounce of make-up. All the photos you see of her natural are stunning. All the photos of Giselle when she is not made up…….seriously she looks like street trash that never showers with her greasy hair and disheveled appearance. Bridget looked better 9 months pregnant without a drop of make-up thanGiselle looks in all the recent photos taken of she and Tom cavorting around town so that their PDA shots can get taken by the paparazzi. He WANTS the photos to be taken of he and Giselle. It is sick, yes sick. It shows a great deal about both of their characters. The definitely DESERVE eacother. Selfish, self-aggrandizing arrogant people. Persons with this type of personality should not become parents. They are incapable of giving to another because it will get in the way of their all important self.
People that want to defend Brady’s behavior and think it is just fine to have a brand new baby and spend your free time running around with your current girlfriend instead of seeing and bonding with your new baby have a moral compassinate screw loose.

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The disintegration of our society is evident in the lifestyles we have chosen, the products we buy, the "music" we listen to, the way we dress, the goals we aspire to, etc etc. It is all of our fault, for buying into what the media moguls and Madison Avenue executives, and Hollywood, are selling. Why can't we just stop? Why has generation Y opted to believe that God is a myth like the Easter Bunny and Mother Goose?
The Tom Brady piece is just an indicator, a symptom, of our very sick world. He can't stop -he has the adulation of crowds around him, money and accolades heaped upon him. All of the fine upbringing and installation of wonderful values that he got from his parents, did not protect him from falling into this pattern of me, me, me -
There's a 2 month old child out in Los Angeles, living with his gentle, reserved mother. Brady didn't want him, doesn't want him, and won't have him. This child is already half orphaned. Brady has been given every opportunity in life, and he has thrown it away for things that are transient and not even real. One day he may wake up and realize what he did, but it is already too late to go back.


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